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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are in the tabloids a lot. When their marriage isn’t falling apart, it’s being put back together again. Nothing really surprises us anymore at Gossip Cop, but still, one of the stranger stories we busted last year involved P!nk stepping in with advice that supposedly saved their marriage. At least, that’s what the tabloid wanted you to believe.

How Did Pink Get Involved With Keith Urban?

That’s a good question, and beyond a vague “they’ve been friends for years” claim in the story in New Idea, the outlet doesn’t get into their friendship or why Urban would turn to her for marriage counseling. Of course, they are friends, and they will be performing their new single tonight at the Country Music Awards. The single actually dropped yesterday and it’s pretty good.

But Did She Save The Marriage?

Well, no, Pink didn’t save Keith Urban’s marriage to Nicole Kidman, but frankly, the marriage didn’t need saving. That didn’t stop the tabloid for inventing an entire narrative around this fictional intervention, including one so-called “source” saying,

Pink knows what it’s like to really struggle in a relationship and wanted to reach out and help Nicole and Keith.

The article implied that distance and time apart was wreaking havoc on the marriage, but as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, they both have very busy careers and have for the entirety of their marriage. Urban is often on tour and Kidman is often on-location filming movies. There is no way the two could have made it this long without making things work during these long stretches apart.

Nicole Kidman in a revealing dress on the right, Keith Urban on the left in a tux.
(Ovidiu Hrubaru/

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Have Been Married For 14 Years

It’s silly to think that this has suddenly become an issue 14 years and two daughters into their marriage, much less one for Pink to solve. That’s not to say Pink couldn’t offer advice because she totally could. But it doesn’t matter because the marriage wasn’t — and isn’t — on the rocks.

Tabloids And Marriages

Like we said, Urban and Kidman are in the tabloids all the time. Gossip Cop has corrected at least 15 stories in 2020 alone about the couple supposedly fighting. Last month, we busted New Idea for incorrectly claiming that Urban and Kidman were arguing because of Liam and Chris Hemsworth wanted to work with her. For starters, there is nothing in the works with the three Australian actors, this was just an opportunity for the tabloid to connect them all because Kidman is shooting a project in the Hemsworth’s hometown of Byron Bay.

Earlier this year, the very same tabloid alleged Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman fought on the set of her upcoming movie The Prom. The story was pure fiction, despite the lengthy bogus quotes from “sources.” A representative for Kidman confirmed with us that the report was phony. Just like this story about Pink “saving” their marriage last year.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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