Pink Instagram Hacked

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Pink Instagram Hacked

By Shari Weiss |

Pink Instagram Hacked

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Pink’s Instagram was hacked on Wednesday, leading her to lash out at the unknown hacker on Twitter.

“To the assholes that just hacked my private IG account…. Your parents must be really proud of you,” the singer tweeted, asking, “That’s your contribution to the world?” Pink used the personal page to communicate pictures and thoughts with friends and family.

But rather than showing sympathy, a number of Twitter followers responded to Pink’s tweet with nasty comments. “It’s not the end of the world get over it,” @IFUSEEKBRITNEY wrote, prompting the star to reply, “I don’t remember asking you.”

@Samueltha wrote, “Too bad… cuz you floped.” Pink wrote back, “I’m sorry?” and then wrote in another tweet, “TROLLS, your insults go a lot further if you can manage to spell it out properly. You’re welcome.”

And the messages kept coming. User @IBeMeATRL told Pink, “I love how you act so tough and rough or ‘honest’ ‘tell it like I see it’ when u are just as bitchy and cowardly as the rest of em.” That led her to sarcastically respond, “Thank you for that thoughtful gem.”

Still, there was some supportive feedback coming from fans, like @kalon1701, who advised, “Some people are just total cockwombles, ignore them and they’ll crawl back under their rocks.” Pink appreciated the message, writing back, “Cockwombles. That’s my new favorite word. Thank you.” She went on to add, “Welp, I do love the socks off of most of you. The rest of you unhappy f*ckers? Good luck with all of that. And I’m out.”

It’s not clear if Pink’s Instagram hacking is related to the spate of celebrity Twitter hackings in recent weeks. As Gossip Cop has reported, everyone from Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner to Drake and the NFL have had their accounts temporarily hacked.


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