Pink “Carpool Karaoke” Video With James Corden On “Late Late Show”

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Pink Carpool Karaoke Video

By Shari Weiss |

Pink Carpool Karaoke Video


Pink went for a spin with James Corden for “Carpool Karaoke,” as seen on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show.” Check out the video below!

It was only revealed on Monday that Pink had joined the group of top music artists who have participated in Corden’s most popular recurring segment. She tweeted, “I got in a car with @JKCorden and sang some songs. Watch the madness unfold on the @latelateshow tomorrow, 11/14. #PINKcarpool.” The show’s official Twitter account similarly posted, “Pssst… We’re going for a ride with @Pink tomorrow night! #PINKcarpool.”

Pink’s “Carpool Karaoke” began with Corden asking if they could listen to some music on the radio, and of course it was her song “What About Us.” The two then recreated some of the dance moves she did in the video for it. After that, the singer talked about how she wanted to marry Jon Bon Jovi as a kid, but was “devastated” when he wed his high school girlfriend Dorothea. She said she ripped up her posters of him and didn’t leave her room for days. Then, when she met him years later, Pink told Bon Jovi the story and he sent her a cake with a pair of leather pants, with a note that read, “Now you can finally get into my pants.”

Next, she sang “Get The Party Started,” “Beautiful Trauma,” and the first song she ever wrote, called “Generation X.” That was followed by an anecdote about how she was friendly with *NSYNC when she was younger and hung out with Joey Fatone. Following that, Pink and Corden did a rendition of her song “Raise Your Glass.” She then maintained that she sings better upside down, which prompted Pink and Corden to go to a park and sing upside down on a seesaw. Corden, however, got caught and needed help to get right-side up.

Pink’s appearance on the “Late Late Show” comes less than a week after she performed “Barbies” at the CMA Awards. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, the singer actually scored a CMAs nomination for Musical Event of the Year for “Setting The World On Fire,” her collaboration with country superstar Kenny Chesney. The two didn’t end up winning the honor, but Pink’s beautiful performance was one of the show’s highlights. She’s expected to dazzle again this Sunday when she takes the stage at the American Music Awards. She’ll be performing “Beautiful Trauma” off her recent album of the same name, and the AMAs are teasing that it will be “her most daring performance to date.”

While “daring” might not describe Pink’s “Carpool Karaoke” session, it certainly looked like a lot of fun, as they always do. And Corden has seemingly increased the frequency of the beloved musical sketches lately. In the last month and a half, Sam Smith had his “Carpool Karaoke” turn, with a cameo from Fifth Harmony, and Miley Cyrus went for her own ride, too. But nearly two years after Adele’s installment, her edition still remains the series’ most watched with more than 172 million views on YouTube. She’s followed in the rankings by One Direction, Sia and Selena Gomez. Others who have taken part range from Carrie Underwood to Rod Stewart. Check out the video of Pink doing “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden on the “Late, Late Show.”

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