Pink, Carey Hart “On The Rocks” Claim NOT True

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Pink Carey Hart On The Rocks

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Pink Carey Hart On The Rocks


Pink and Carey Hart are not “on the rocks,” contrary to a new report. The couple, who routinely show off their loving relationship on Instagram, is actually as solid as ever. And this untrue claim comes more than a year after the same tabloid in question falsely said Pink and Hart had split.

Gossip Cop is talking about Star, which apparently hasn’t learned from its prior mistake or obtained better sources. In this new story, the gossip magazine alleges it’s “last call” for Hart, as Pink is “threatening to send [him] packing over his never-ending benders.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “For a long time, Carey was able to keep a lid on his drinking, but lately a couple of beers at dinner has turned into cases.”

“They partied hard when they were younger, but they’re parents now,” continues the outlet’s supposed snitch. “Willow and Jameson completely changed Pink’s priorities. She can’t say the same for Carey… Pink doesn’t want to break up their family. But it’s time Carey grew up.” Actually, it’s time this publication did some fact-checking and published accurate stories instead of provably false claims.

Notably, the tabloid mentions the couple’s son, but fails to note his name was actually partially inspired by the couple’s mutual love of whiskey. Pink is not against Carey drinking, and has posted social media photos of both herself and him doing so. And while it’s claimed that Hart’s “priorities” haven’t “changed” since becoming a father, she actually made a point of writing on Instagram just last month, “#mybabydaddyisthebest,” alongside a photo of the motocross racer taking Jameson on his first bike ride. In fact, they both regularly post photos of Hart being a hands-on dad, and in his captions, he always adorably refers to Pink as “wifey.” And, to show they are a strong family unit, Pink, Hart and Willow attended last week’s VMAs, where she was honored, in matching suits.

It’s also interesting that in its May 2016 “split” report, Star maintained that it was Hart who was unhappy in the marriage, with a “source” contending, “Carey feels cast aside, like she only keeps him around to take care of their daughter.” Yet in this August 2017 piece, essentially the opposite is alleged, with the tabloid asserting Pink is the unhappy one and devoted to their kids while he is not. Either the magazine has the worst Pink and Hart sources, or it just doesn’t care about publishing contradictory lies. Regardless, while the outlet’s reporting may be rocky, the couple’s relationship right now is anything but. By the way, that picture above, which Pink shared on Instagram with a lips emoji, is from three days ago.

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