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Are Pink and Carey Hart having a marriage crisis? A report claims the singer puts her career before family, and now he's threatening to "walk" away from the relationship. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story.

According to New Idea, Pink and Hart's marriage is "hanging in the balance" because she is too "career-driven" and "can't stop working." The pop star is described as a "workaholic," and it's alleged her "jam-packed schedule has been playing havoc on her relationship" with Hart. The tabloid points out Pink recently canceled concerts after falling ill, but a so-called "insider" claims "there's also another big reason" she pulled out of the shows, and that's said to be Hart.

"Carey has really been pushing her to cut back recently, and he isn't happy with how much time she and the kids are spending away from home, not to mention the stress it's putting on their marriage," contends the supposed source. This purported tipster goes on to tell the gossip magazine, "Carey really feels like he's been forgotten lately. They barely spend any time together." The questionable insider adds, "He doesn't want them to split again, and so he's been insistent that she put the brakes on her career and spend some more time together as a family. He's told her she simply has to slow down for the sake of their marriage."

There's a number of inaccuracies and misrepresentations here. While there's no disputing Pink takes her career seriously, she has not been doing so at the expense of her family. Contrary to the notion that she's a "workaholic," Pink's 2017 album, Beautiful Trauma, was the first she released in five years. Similarly, much hay is made here about her supposedly being away from home too much, yet her current tour is her first since 2014. Pink's last concert series, "The Truth About Love Tour," wrapped up four years ago. The outlet is wrongly making it seem like she has spent years on the road, fixated on music over family. That's just not true.

As for the claim that Hart feels "forgotten lately" and "they barely spend any time together," the couple actually just went on a Mexican vacation, traveling to Cabo San Lucas with their kids for the Easter holiday weekend, as seen in a photo Pink shared on Instagram. And on Tuesday, paparazzi captured Hart, Pink and their son Jameson in New York City ahead of her concerts at Madison Square Garden.

There's even video of Pink amusingly telling the photographers to move so she could take a picture of her husband and their little boy. She then shared the resulting photo on Instagram. Clearly, Pink is deftly balancing both her work obligations and her commitment to her family. With Hart regularly joining her on tour as she travels the country, they're not hurting for time together.

Lastly, it is completely disingenuous for the publication to suggest Pink's cancellation of two shows last month had more to do with Hart's supposed demands than the singer actually being sick. In her Twitter statement about the first postponement, Pink revealed Hart wasn't even with her because he, too, was ill, and was recovering at home. It makes no sense, then, to allege he pushed her to call off the show to spend time together. And when the second concert was canceled, too, Pink's statement on Twitter stressed how gutted she was by the development.

Her comments couldn't make it more apparent how unhappy she was to be sick and disappoint her fans. The assertion that this was really a ploy to acquiesce to Hart's insistence on family time is entirely unsubstantiated. It seems the real "crisis" is not with Pink's marriage, but the tabloid's poor reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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