Piff The Magic Dragon “America’s Got Talent” Video: Dog Mr. Piffles Performs Magic Trick On Finale — WATCH!

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Piff The Magic Dragon Americas Got Talent Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Piff The Magic Dragon Americas Got Talent Finale Video


Piff The Magic Dragon relied on his dog Mr. Piffles to bring some of the laughs on part one of the “America’s Got Talent” season 10 finale on Tuesday. But did it pay off? Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the comedian-magician became one to watch after guest judge Neil Patrick Harris chose him as his one and only Golden Buzzer act during the Judge Cut round in July. During the quarterfinals, however, Piff’s irreverent comedy style had the panel divided. He came back in a big way during last week’s semifinals, earning him one of 10 coveted spots in the final stage of the competition.

Now, during his last chance to win America’s votes for the $1 million prize, Piff brought out his doggie sidekick Mr. Piffles to perform his “favorite trick in the world.” Piff explained the pooch would shoot out of a cannon and ricochet off a trampoline, only to amusingly replace the real Mr. Piffles with a faux version. There ended up being jokes about drunk dogs, big nuts, and a surprise at the end that left the panel dumbfounded.

Mel B told Piff afterward, “You have a dry sense of humor. It’s silly. It doesn’t make sense in the beginning and then it all come together at the end. You’re just silly and fun.” Heidi Klum remarked, “Well, who would’ve thought that a sarcastic English bloke in a dragon costume would win America’s heart? You really did. We love you. We love Mr. Piffles and we love his nuts.”

But Howard Stern and Howie Mandel were more measured in their comments. Stern said he’s “loved Piff all along,” but wasn’t sure the contestant “put [his] best foot forward tonight. You’ve had stronger acts.” And, given the makeup of the finalists, Mandel predicted, “I believe that tonight is going to be a night of comedy,” and warned that Piff would have stiff competition.

Of course, he now has to wait until the second part of the finale on Wednesday to find out his fate. Check out the video below. TELL US: Do you think Piff should win “America’s Got Talent”?


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