Piers Morgan: “Black Americans Must Stop Using N-Word To Help Kill It Off”

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Piers Morgan n-word

By Shari Weiss |

Piers Morgan n-word

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Piers Morgan says black Americans “must stop using” the N-word entirely in order to “help kill it off.” The former CNN host made the comment on Twitter in the wake of President Obama’s podcast interview with Marc Maron, which was released on Monday. In the interview, Obama said that fewer people using the N-word doesn’t mean there aren’t still racial issues in society.

Obama’s remark led Morgan to tweet out the link to a Daily Mail column he wrote last November, in which he argued that while some blacks use it to “own” the word and “seize control” of it, “it merely serves to empower those who wish to deploy them abusively – and encourage them to continue doing so.”

Morgan’s new tweets on the subject were met with a swift backlash. He retweeted one person who said, “Piers Morgan is realllly outside of his jurisdiction here. The topic of the ‘N-word’ isn’t for him to understand. Shut up @piersmorgan.” Morgan, however, went on to write, “The N-word is used 500,000 times a day on Twitter alone. Mostly by young black Americans. How does that help get rid of this hideous word?”

“I don’t think ANYONE should use the N-word. This apparently makes me a ‘racist.’ Ludicrous,” he further tweeted. His exchanges with others on Twitter led “Piers Morgan” to become a trending topic in the U.S.

As Gossip Cop reported, Morgan, a British citizen, also made waves last week when he argued for gun control in the U.S. hours after the Charleston church shooting. Tying the two issues together, he tweeted on Monday, “The N-word, like the Confederate flag, is a sickening reminder of America’s shameful past. Get rid of both & move the country on.” He later added, “What would I do with white people who use the N-word? Jail them.” What do you think of Morgan’s perspective?


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