Piers Morgan To Donald Trump: We’re Friends, But “You’re Wrong” About Muslim Ban

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Piers Morgan Donald Trump Wrong Muslim Ban

By Andrew Shuster |

Piers Morgan Donald Trump Wrong Muslim Ban

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Piers Morgan penned an open letter to Donald Trump on Tuesday, insisting he has great admiration for the Republican presidential candidate, but also expressing that Trump’s proposed policy of banning all Muslims from entering the United States is simply “wrong.”

“This is not an easy letter to write,” Morgan began his piece to Trump via the Daily Mail. “We’ve been friends for nearly a decade, since I competed in, and won, the first season of your ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ show.” Morgan went on to assure Trump he appreciates his “talent, energy, chutzpah, determination and sheer force of personality.”

But despite their friendship and his respect for Trump, Morgan felt compelled to call out the candidate’s stance on Muslims because “it’s the right thing to do.” The former CNN host added, “The best friends, I’ve always believed, are not the ones who agree with everything you say… or suck up to you… The best friends are the ones unafraid to look you in the eye and say: ‘You’re wrong.’” Morgan concluded in his letter, “I wasn’t afraid to do that on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and I’m not afraid to do it again now.”

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