Piers Morgan Blasts Larry Wilmore For Calling President Obama N-Word, Rips John Legend In New Column

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Piers Morgan Larry Wilmore N-Word

By Shari Weiss |

Piers Morgan Larry Wilmore N-Word

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Piers Morgan is blasting Larry Wilmore for calling President Obama the N-word at the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

As Gossip Cop reported, Wilmore hosted Sunday’s event, and ended his speech by saying, “Mr. President, I’m going to keep it 100. Yo, Barry, you did it my, n*gga!” On Monday, Morgan published his latest Daily Mail column, which is headlined, “Genocide of the brain, the vile word that will not die and why Obama deserves better than to be called n***** by anyone.” And the piece actually begins with a shot at John Legend.

Morgan writes that he was asleep at the time of Wilmore’s speech, “But I knew about it the moment I woke up and saw a tweet from singer John Legend saying: ‘Piers Morgan’s next troll piece just wrote itself.’ Now, I like Mr. Legend, even if you have to be slightly wary of anyone who changes their surname from ‘Stephens’ to ‘Legend.’ (It’s usually best if someone else gives you that title…) He’s a great, if spectacularly immodest, singer-songwriter. Where he and I differ is over my right as a white man to ever comment on what he sees as exclusively ‘black’ issues.”

Morgan goes on to describe a Twitter feud they had last year, writing, “It’s clearly played on his mind, hence the tweet about me seconds after Larry Wilmore pulled his N-word stunt. And stunt is exactly what it was.” He says of Wilmore, “Wilmore’s a smart guy who knew exactly what he was doing. He was center stage on national TV at an event attended by many of the most powerful people in America, and watched by millions around the world. He planned that N-word quip to Obama very precisely because he knew it would spark an instant Twitter firestorm and get him global media attention.”

“As the audience gasped, Obama grinned and beat his own chest. What else could he do? He could hardly express anger, could he? Wilmore had backed the President into a corner so awkward it was impossible for him to emerge with anything but excruciating discomfort,” writes the British personality. But far more consequential to Morgan is this: “You use it, you legitimize it.”

Morgan goes on, “Why try to ‘own’ a word so destructive, so vile? Far better to destroy it, to remove it from popular parlance, to render it a wicked piece of linguistic history. John Legend may be right in his assessment that no black American is going to listen to a white (not to mention British…!) guy like me giving advice on why they should not use the N-word. But there are many black Americans who agree with me and winced when they watched Larry Wilmore unleash it last night.”

The former CNN host cites the late Richard Pryor as describing the use of slurs like the N-word as “genocide on the brain,” and concludes, “Larry, you’re not a ‘n***er’ and nor is Barack Obama. You are two incredibly talented, hugely successful black men who have reached the absolute pinnacles of your respective fields. That is something to stand tall and proud about, not demean by using a word that reminds everyone of the most sickening insult ever spoken against blacks who were abused, beaten and killed by white slave owners.

Morgan’s column ends, “As with the new politically-charged Beyonce, and John Legend for that matter, I believe it’s time we judge black people, famous or otherwise, solely on their ability rather than the color of their skin or their views on racism. That is what true equality means, surely? By calling the first black president of the United States a ‘n***er’ on national TV, Larry Wilmore let down Barack Obama, and himself, and only guaranteed one thing: its longevity.”

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Morgan previously did a column about the term last year, arguing that “black Americans must stop using the N-word to help kill it off.” The article earned the ire of Legend and others in the black community. He went on to stir up controversy again with a piece calling Nicki Minaj a “whiny brat,” and, most recently, one last week that accused Beyonce of “exploiting mothers of dead” to sell Lemonade.

As in all those incidents, Morgan is currently defending his views on Twitter amidst a vocal backlash. Neither Legend nor Wilmore have responded as of yet.


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