Piers Morgan Slammed: “Lamar Odom Couldn’t Keep Up With Kardashians”

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Piers Morgan Lamar Odom Kardashians

By Shari Weiss |

Piers Morgan Lamar Odom Kardashians

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Piers Morgan is getting slammed for his new Daily Mail column about Lamar Odom, in which he blames reality television and the world of the Kardashians for the star’s health crisis.

As Gossip Cop reported, Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, and is now in a Las Vegas hospital with estranged wife Khloe Kardashian by his bedside. He is reportedly unable to breathe on his own, and the prognosis is said to be grim. There has been no official comment on his condition and it’s still unclear what specifically triggered the medical emergency, but Morgan is convinced reality TV is to blame.

In a column published just hours after the news broke, Morgan says, “As I write, Lamar Odom is clinging on. He’s in a coma, distraught family and friends at his bedside. But his dignity and reputation are already dead, shredded at the altar of reality television.” The British personality acknowledges that Odom has not had an “easy life,” suffering multiple tragic losses in both childhood and adulthood, but argues, “Many others have survived similarly catastrophic blows and emerged stronger and better from the emotional wreckage. They, though, didn’t marry a Kardashian.”

“I say this as someone who likes the Kardashians, especially Kim,” stresses Morgan. “I can admire their work ethic and business acumen, whilst also acknowledging that their billion-dollar global family brand is built on an entirely false edifice of transitory, talentless fame.” He insists, “I don’t blame them for this, I blame society for evolving into the very thing Andy Warhol warned us all would happen: everyone could be famous for 15 minutes.
The Kardashians have just survived and thrived longer than their peers because they’ve shown greater drive, determination, smarts and creativity. And that, in its way, is a talent worthy of admiration.

Morgan goes on, “But those sucked into their crazy world need to be very, very careful it doesn’t also suck them down in the process.” The former “America’s Got Talent” judge details Odom’s promising early career, and notes, “Then he fell in love with a Kardashian and his life became public property.” Morgan goes on to claim, “At first, he loved every minute of his new found celebrity status… But then, after a while, he stopped loving it.”

“Lamar pursued and embraced his reality TV fame with the kind of ravenous hunger he used to pursue victory and titles on the basketball court,” says Morgan. “The problem though is that you have to lay yourself bare to it, warts (sometimes literally…) and all. There’s no ability to control the beast. Your life is public property, your human qualities and frailties exposed to millions. Everywhere you go, everyone knows everything about you.”

Morgan, a “Celebrity Apprentice” winner, further argues, “It takes a very advanced degree of narcissism and the hide of a thousand rhinos to deal with that kind of scrutiny. Lamar, unlike the family he married into, was too sensitive, too vulnerable.” He goes on to conclude, “The sad, tragic truth about Lamar Odom is that he couldn’t keep up with the Kardashians. And he should never have tried.”

Many are now ripping Morgan for his commentary, with some accusing him of being exploitative and judgmental, and others calling him out for seemingly blaming the Kardashians’ for Odom’s current situation, even though he was making the case that reality TV and fame as a whole led the athlete down this path. And, never one to hold back, Morgan is defending himself on Twitter.

“Those racing to be most offended by my Lamar Odom column should actually read it first. I don’t ‘trash’ him,” he tweeted. One person, however, responded, “Lamar has a history of family addiction, profound loss and heartbreak and you chose to blame the Kardashians.” That prompted Morgan to reply, “No, I didn’t. Read the column.”

Another wrote to Morgan, “That was in poor taste. Now is not the time for jokes. Have a heart. What if it was you or your family. So sad!” He fired back, “It’s not a joke. Reality TV wrecked Lamar’s life,” and he also wrote to someone else, “I don’t blame the Kardashians, I blame reality TV.”

Morgan also retweeted comments from those who appreciated his column. “Great article. Terribly sad situation that lays bare the cost of fame. It’s not just your reputation at stake, but your life,” tweeted one individual. Said another, “You wrote what most of us are thinking.” A different person remarked, “An honest piece and well worth a read. No harm or malice in sight just honest truth about a sad situation.”

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