Peyton Parker “The Voice” Audition Video: Country Singer Sparks Coaches’ Fight Against Blake Shelton – WATCH!

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Peyton Parker Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Peyton Parker Voice Audition Video


Peyton Parker sparked a coaches’ fight on “The Voice” on Monday, as the panel tried to stop Blake Shelton from getting yet another country singer during the season 10 Blind Auditions. Check out the video below!

Parker, 20, convinced her parents to move from Georgia to Nashville three years ago so she could pursue her dreams of being a professional singer. She even quipped of her mom, “She’s basically my manager, but she doesn’t get paid.” Making just $50 here and there singing on Tennessee streets, Parker decided to give “The Voice” a shot with Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

It didn’t take long for Pharrell, Christina Aguilera, and Shelton to all push their buttons. Parker conceded that the superstar’s genre is also her preferred choice, but Pharrell argued, “I appreciate country too, but I think a song is a song at the end of the day.” Aguilera decided to “get [her] Blake on real quick,” imitating what he would say to woo her.

But more seriously, she told Parker, “I really love what I heard. There’s nobody on my team like you. So you would not have the competition you would have on Blake’s team.” When it was Shelton’s turn, he stated, “I just feel like this is going to get turned into coaches trying to take [you] away from me.”

Pharrell and Aguilera both objected to that characterization, but the latter amusingly put on a cowboy that kind of undermined her point. And it was all for naught, anyway. Parker chose to go with Shelton in the end. Watch below.


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