Peyton Manning Fans React To HGH Drug Accusations – See Twitter Reaction

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Peyton Manning drug reaction

By Michael Lewittes |

Peyton Manning drug reaction

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Peyton Manning’s fans are reacting to an Al Jazeera documentary, The Dark Side, posted online Sunday that accuses the NFL star of using the performance-enhancing drug HGH in 2011. Manning has since released a statement denying the allegations. See Twitter reactions below.

According to the documentary, Manning reportedly was given a supply of human growth hormone by a pharmacist at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis. The film alleges the drugs were sent to Manning’s home under his wife’s name. The all-star quarterback acknowledges having been to the clinic, but said in a statement that claims he used HGH are “garbage” and “totally made up.” He has since also hired former White House spokesman and sports media consult Ari Fleischer.

Some fans believe Manning is guilty of doping. A Twitter user named @JealousCloud tweeted, “Peyton Manning has a butt full of needle marks,” while someone with the handle @HandsomeTimmyD wrote, “Peyton Manning hiring terrible PR person Ari Fleischer actually only makes him look guilty. Someone call Oprah for the primetime confession.”

Other fans, however, don’t think Manning would ever take HGH. A Twitter user named @Shawndo24 joked, “If Peyton Manning took hgh… I’ve lost all respect for HGH. He’s the most Unathletic/unmuscular person in sports.” And @Beckly_Ballin expressed, “You are on crack if you think Peyton Manning took HGH.” Meanwhile, other supporters questioned the timing. @ElLocoOcho tweeted, “Why are they tryna throw dirt on Peyton Manning’s name so late in his career? Like cmon he’s about to retire, let him go in peace.”

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