Peyton Manning ESPYS Opening Video 2017 – Watch ESPY Awards Monologue!

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Peyton Manning espys Opening Monologue Video

By Shari Weiss |

Peyton Manning espys Opening Monologue Video

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Peyton Manning opened the 2017 ESPYS on Wednesday with a funny monologue poking fun at his fellow sports stars. Watch the video below!

Manning began the ceremony by welcoming everyone and naming the “timeless icons” who have hosted in the past, like Jimmy Smits and Tony Danza. “The only difference between me and those other guys is I knew when to retire,” he cracked. He also noted that when the awards began in 1993, “Simone Biles wasn’t even born yet and I still had my original neck.”

Manning said he’s the first athlete to host in quite some time, despite John Cena emceeing last year. “John Cena is an athlete the same way Ryan Lochte is a reliable witness. It’s just not an accurate statement,” he quipped. The NFL legend went on to say, “Unfortunately, my brother Eli can’t be here tonight, because that’s what I told the folks at the door.”

He then said he didn’t want to make fun of any players or coaches, so he rejected a lot of material. Manning then announced, “Here are a few of the jokes I hated the most,” and read aloud some of the humorous, biting remarks. “Phil Jackson’s Knicks are the most embarrassing thing to happen in New York sports and that includes the time Mark Sanchez ran full speed up his teammate’s anus” was one of them, with Manning marveling over saying “anus” on TV.

While scoring a lot of laughs, Manning also got some stone-cold looks, such as when he said the U.S. gymnastics team “was so dominant, Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them next year.” The NBA champion either did not appreciate the crack, or is a really good actor (see photo below). Manning also mocked himself, for his many endorsement details and his controlling nature.

ESPN and ABC announced in May that Manning would host the 25th annual ESPY Awards. He is no stranger to the awards show. The iconic athlete earned his first ESPY for College Football Player of the Year back in 1998. In 2004 and 2005, he took home Best NFL Player. In 2005, he won Best Record-Breaking Performance, an honor he received again in 2014. And in 2007, Manning scored Best Championship Performance.

As remarkable as all those are, Manning’s biggest milestone with the ESPYs was bestowed just last year. As Gossip Cop reported, Justin Timberlake presented Manning, Kobe Bryant and Abby Wambach with the Icon Award at the 2016 ceremony. It was the first time in the award show’s history that organizers decided to give the special award to three retiring athletes.

Clearly, though, while Manning has retired from professional football, he hasn’t left the spotlight behind. As the host of the ESPYS, he joins such as athletes as Cena, LeBron James and Lance Armstrong. He also now has something in common with Drake, Jamie Foxx, John Goodman and Jon Hamm, as they’ve all hosted the ESPY Awards over the years, too. Check out video of Manning’s opening monologue below!

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