Peter Facinielli “Spotted With Another Woman” Headline Is Shameful Clickbait

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Peter Facinelli Another Woman

By Shari Weiss |

Peter Facinelli Another Woman

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Was Peter Facinelli “spotted with another woman”? That’s what one outlet wants readers to think. But Gossip Cop can reveal what’s really going on here.

A headline on the OK! magazine website announces, “Peter Facinielli Spotted With Another Woman After Breakup With Jaimie Alexander.” Alongside the headline, the actor is pictured with a smiling blonde by his side. And the teaser promises “photos” if readers click through to the gallery.

But it’s only after readers click that they find out with whom the star was actually spotted. Facinielli wasn’t with “another woman.” He was out with his 18-year-old daughter, Luca.

OK! purposefully and shamefully misrepresented a father taking his daughter to a movie event just to score photo gallery clicks. Looking at the story’s placement on the homepage, the average user wouldn’t know that the “woman” pictured from the side is actually his teenaged daughter with Jennie Garth. Instead, readers are duped into thinking Facinelli has a new “woman” in his life after his “breakup.”

The trickery isn’t made clear until the webloid has already benefitted from the traffic. But Gossip Cop isn’t surprised to this blatant clickbait considering OK! sister publication the National Enquirer recently ran an entirely false story about Facinielli and his family. Earlier this month, the supermarket tabloid wrongly claimed Facinelli was begging his remarried ex-wife to take him back.

In a statement exclusive to Gossip Cop, the actor said, “The Enquirer should be ashamed of themselves for fabricating such an irresponsible article that is hurtful to my children and all parties existing.” Gossip Cop would argue that same sentiment can now be applied to OK! for its misleading and manipulative clickbait with the actor’s daughter.

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Peter Facinielli has been spotted with another woman.


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