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Pete Davidson has drawn the most tabloid attention of perhaps any Saturday Night Live cast member ever. Getting engaged to one of the biggest pop stars in the world will do that. With Davidson’s ex Cazzie David now speaking out about their relationship, Gossip Cop is looking back at some tabloid tales about his love life.

Ariana Grande Warned Margaret Qualley Not To Date Him?

According to Life & Style, Grande told the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress that Davidson was bad news. “She got word to Margaret through a mutual pal, that Pete's an immature stoner who'd make fun of her on SNL,” a so-called source said. Grande has spoken publicly about how she has “irrevocable love” for Davidson and has urged fans to go easier on him. Gossip Cop busted this story after checking with a source close to the situation who assured us that Grande wasn’t meddling with the relationship.

Grande Broke Up With Him Because He Wouldn’t Help Her?

The blog Naughty Gossip claimed the end of Grande and Davidson was thanks to a “huge fight” they had over her brother Frankie. Frankie allegedly wanted to host the show, and Ariana felt “Pete wasn't being as helpful or as respectful to her brother as she wanted.” Gossip Cop busted this story for many reasons, namely that Frankie has spoken highly of Davidson and that the breakup had more to do with the tragic death of Grande's ex Mac Miller than anything to do with her brother. Plus, all hosting decisions for the show go through Lorne Michaels, not its cast members.

Kate Beckinsale Ghosted Pete Davidson?

The Underworld actress briefly dated Davidson, and NW claimed to know why their fling ended. Beckinsale supposedly ghosted Davidson with no explanation, leaving Davidson “in a world of pain, not least because this came out of nowhere.” The tabloid said she was scared off by his “hundred texts a day” and desire to get “matching tattoos.” It’s odd that Davidson wouldn’t know why the breakup happened, but the tabloid would know specific details. That's only possible because the story was made up. Davidson and Beckinsale split up amicably largely due to distance. A source close to Beckinsale also assured Gossip Cop that the story was not true.

Davidson And Kaia Gerber: Marriage And Therapy?

According to In Touch, Davidson was so broken up after his breakup with Gerber that he was planning to propose to win her back. A so-called source said, “She's confused because part of her feels one thing and another part of her hears her parents telling her not to go back." Gerber and Davidson did not get hastily engaged, but this wasn't the only story Gossip Cop saw about Davidson and Gerber's parents.

Gerber’s parents, namely her mother Cindy Crawford, were caught in a different story from Woman’s Day that argued Crawford sent Gerber to therapy to get over the breakup. She’d apparently even been hastily “whisked” to a medical center. Contrary to both of these stories, Davidson has spoken highly of Crawford and Gerber after the split. He said he was the one who needed therapy and that Gerber “shouldn’t have to worry about some dude that just has issues.” There were no grand romantic proposals, just a pretty understandable breakup.


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