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Multiple outlets are reporting that Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber have been getting very close over the past few weeks. Are they more than friends as some are speculating? Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can clarify things.

Davidson was spotted walking out of Gerber's apartment building in New York City on Wednesday, and the two were also photographed grabbing lunch together this week. These get-togethers have sparked romance rumors, with RadarOnline going particularly over the top. The blog went with the headline, "Cindy's Nightmare! Crawford's Model Daughter Kaia, 18, Hangs Out With Bad Boy Pete Davidson, 25," implying that Gerber's famous mom is upset about the pairing.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Gerber, who tells us she and Davidson are "only friends." The Saturday Night Live star and the model reportedly met in June when they both walked in a fashion show in New York. It's worth noting, it's not unheard of for a friendship to develop into a romance, so we're not ruling out the possibility of the two becoming more than friends in the future. Given Davidson's history of dating high-profile women, it wouldn't be too shocking. For the time being, however, we're assured Davidson and Gerber are simply pals.

Davidson briefly dated actress Margaret Qualley in August. That was after he split from Kate Beckinsale after around four months of dating. The SNL star's most publicized relationship was with Ariana Grande, whom the comedian was engaged to in the summer of 2018, before she called it off last October.

As noted, although it wouldn't surprise us if Gerber and Davidson started dating, it also doesn't surprise us that outlets like RadarOnline are jumping the gun and sprinkling in additional fiction while they're at it. Just last month, in fact, Gossip Cop wrote a piece about just how often tabloids have been wrong about Davidson's love life.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline seems to think Crawford has a lot of nightmares when it comes to her 18-year-old daughter. Gossip Cop busted the blog in 2017 for publishing an article with an eerily similar headline, "Cindy's Worst Nightmare! Kaia Wants To Join 'KUWTK.'"

That article said Crawford and her husband Rande had their own reality show in the works, but their daughter was joining Keeping Up With The Kardashians instead, and it infuriated Crawford. Crawford and her husband didn't have their own show in development, and Gerber never joined KUWTK, as time has proven. What will time tell us about this latest rumor? For now, we know Davidson and Gerber are just friends.

Update: As Gossip Cop noted might happen, Davidson and Gerber's relationship appears to have turned romantic in the weeks since this story was posted. However, we can confirm that the pair started off as friends and only developed a romance over the past couple of weeks.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: September 25, 2020