Truth About Pete Davidson’s Love Life

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Pete Davidson love life truth

By Griffin Matis |

Pete Davidson love life truth

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Pete Davidson didn’t appear in the tabloids much during his first few years as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. However, when the comedian started dating a few extremely notable women, the gossip media began publishing false stories about his relationships. Here’s a breakdown of rumors Gossip Cop has debunked about Davidson’s love life.

Davidson’s relationship with Ariana Grande catapulted him to the forefront of the tabloids last year. There were a variety of incorrect articles about the couple while they were together. After the two announced their split in October 2018, however, the stories got even more outrageous.

Gossip Cop called out Naughty Gossip last November for falsely claiming the reason the two split was because Davidson refused to help Grande’s brother, Frankie, host SNL. Grande’s brother, a reality star and YouTube personality, supposedly wanted Davidson to introduce him to SNL producers to discuss hosting the show. “Ariana didn’t think Pete was being as helpful or as respectful to her brother as she wanted,” an unnamed source told the site, “and this caused the monster fight.”

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who assured us that Grande’s brother wasn’t involved with the couple calling off their engagement, nor did he ever beg Davidson to help him host SNL. Around the same time, reputable outlets such as People magazine reported that the death of Mac Miller, Grande’s ex-boyfriend, was the most significant factor in the couple’s split. TMZ even called Miller’s death “the breaking point” for the couple. Naughty Gossip was the only site trying to push the narrative about Frankie causing the breakup.

Davidson briefly dated Kate Beckinsale this year, resulting in more phony stories. The two stars split in late April after roughly four months of dating, prompting NW to write an article alleging Beckinsale “ghosted” Davidson after the breakup. “They were making plans to go on a holiday to Europe and she’d given him a key to her home,” an insider told the outlet, “then all of a sudden, it’s finito.”

The tabloid further contended that Davidson scared off Beckinsale after asking to get “matching tattoos” and sending her “a hundred texts a day.” Gossip Cop ran the scenario by a source close to Beckinsale, who told us it was a fake story. People magazine also reported that the two had an “amicable” split, and simply had trouble maintaining a long distance romance as they live on separate coasts.

Just last week, Life & Style published a story about Grande warning Margaret Qualley not to date Davidson after the actress was spotted holding hands with him during the Venice Film Festival. “Ariana felt it was her responsibility as a feminist, of course, to warn Margaret about what she was getting herself into,” a questionable source told the magazine.

Accusing Davidson of being “an immature stoner,” the supposed tipster also alleged that Grande sent a warning to Qualley through a “mutual friend,” who the tabloid never bothered to name. A source close to the situation assured Gossip Cop that Grande hadn’t interfered with Davidson’s new romance. Additionally, the singer’s social media posts about Davidson following their split were extremely kind, and she even asked her fans not to badmouth the comic.

Davidson’s recent string of high profile relationships have made him a frequent target for the tabloids. These stories about the comedian are typically false attempts at capitalizing on his romances. Gossip Cop will continue to call out the publications that peddle these outlandish rumors.


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