PETA To Kylie Jenner: Stop Painting Your Dog’s Nails! – EXCLUSIVE STATEMENT

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Kylie Jenner Dog PETA

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Dog PETA

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Kylie Jenner is the latest Kardashian family member to earn PETA’s ire. In an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop, the animal rights organization takes the teen to task for painting her dog’s toe nails and continuing to wear fur. See photo below.

Jenner introduced her newest pet, a dog named Bambi, on Instagram last week. While the pooch is beyond cute, a photo Jenner shared on Instagram Thursday raised eyebrows because it shows Bambi with her nails painted with pink polish. PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange now tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “All animals are naturally beautiful — without any extra flair.”

But that’s not PETA’s only issue. The group is puzzled as to why Jenner is embracing furry friends but continues to be seen wearing fur. Lange tells Gossip Cop, “Because Kylie loves Bambi, we implore her to think long and hard about continuing to wear fur, especially considering that most fur comes from China, where dogs as dear as Bambi are bludgeoned to death for theirs.”

“For Bambi’s cousins’ sake, PETA hopes she will watch our exposé about the Chinese fur industry (see below) and learn to treat all animals with the same compassion as the one she cuddles with in bed,” Lange tells Gossip Cop. As we previously reported, PETA slammed Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian last month for dressing 2-year-old North in fur. Check out the photo of Jenner’s dog Bambi with painted nails below, and tell us what you think.

Kylie Jenner Dog Painted Nails



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