Kristen Stewart Responds To ‘Personal Shopper’ Booed At Cannes

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Kristen Stewart Personal Shopper Booed

By Andrew Shuster |

(IFC Films)

Kristen Stewart’s new movie Personal Shopper was met with boos as the credits rolled during its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday. During a press conference on Tuesday, the actress responded to the audience’s adverse reaction to the film.

“Hey, everyone did not boo,” Stewart joked, taking the criticism in stride. The film’s director, Olivier Assayas, was similarly undaunted by the jeers. “When you come to Cannes, you’re prepared,” he said. “You’re prepared for anything.” Assayas, who also directed Stewart in last year’s Clouds of Sils Maria, admitted that sometimes “people have expectations of a film and then the film is something else.”

The director also noted that the movie’s enigmatic finale my not have went over well, saying, “It happens to me once in a while where people just don’t get the ending.” But despite the audible disapproval from the crowd at the Cannes screening, the majority of critics in attendance have actually given the film, and Stewart, a positive review.

Most of the reviewers have noted that the film’s unconventional mix of arthouse drama and horror could prove polarizing to the average moviegoer. As Gossip Cop reported, the first trailer for Personal Shopper, a ghost story set in the fashion underworld of Paris, was released earlier on Tuesday, but an official U.S. release date has yet to be announced.


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