Perrie Edwards is NOT dissing Selena Gomez and "13 Reasons Why," despite a misleading claim. Gossip Cop can expose this report for what it really is: Clickbait.

On Saturday, HollywoodLife declares in a headline, "Perrie Edwards Dissing Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why?' — It Was 'Massively Disturbing.'" The article similarly begins, "As a first-time producer, Selena Gomez put her heart and soul into '13 Reasons Why.' The teen suicide Netflix series got a strong reaction out of Perrie Edwards, who called it 'massively disturbing.' Did she not like the show, or is it a misunderstanding?"

It's neither. But it's only after readers have clicked the sensational headline and scrolled to the second paragraph that HollywoodLies reveals the truth. "Calm down everyone," the site writes in a massive tonal switch. "Perrie Edward's, 23, review of Selena Gomez's, 24, '13 Reasons Why' isn't nearly as harsh as it sounds. In fact, it's SUPER NICE. Yes the Little Mix singer thought the Netflix series was 'massively disturbing,' but she meant it in a positive, empowering way."

The webloid then features Edwards' full Twitter message about the show, in which she wrote it was "amazing" and should be required viewing in schools to help prevent bullying. So why, then, did the bad blog definitively declare in its headline that Edwards was "dissing" Gomez's show? And why did the outlet also start its piece in such a negative way?

The answer: Because HollywoodLies wanted to grab readers' attention and trick them into thinking a feud was brewing. After doing that, the site acts like its readers' fault for getting that impression, imploring people to "calm down" and stating, "See — Perrie totally loved it!" Of course, the webloid could've just said that from the start.

The online publication could've accurately reported from the get-go that Edwards thought the project was "amazing" and that she said so earlier this week. Instead, HollywoodLies posted a half-fake, half-real news story several days later. And Edwards didn't even mention Gomez in her post. The Little Mix member was never dissing her. It was the site that chose to bring the singer-actress-producer into it, further fueling the girl vs. girl narrative it so often uses with female celebrities.

It's bad enough when HollywoodLies makes up stories about Gomez and other stars out of thin air. But it's just as bad when the webloid inexcusably twists the truth in the name of clickbait traffic. For the record, see Edwards' full message about "13 Reasons Why" below.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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