Perez Hilton Calls Demi Lovato “Petty,” Wrongfully Publishes Singer’s Private DMs

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Perez Hilton Demi Lovato Petty Feud

By Michael Lewittes |

Perez Hilton Demi Lovato Petty Feud

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Perez Hilton called Demi Lovato “petty” and even violated her privacy by publishing their DMs after the blogger tried to create controversy by reigniting her feud with Mariah Carey on Monday. It not only shows that when there’s no news, Perez likes to manufacture it, but it also proves that he doesn’t understand the basic tenets of journalism, such as refraining from printing off-the-record correspondences.

Let Gossip Cop explain what happened. As you’ll recall, last month Lovato came to the defense of Ariana Grande, who was the subject of a cheap shot by an Instagram account that basically said the younger singer was a watered down version of Carey. Lovato then noted that she believed Grande was nothing like Carey, whom she called “nasty” for her dismissive attitude toward Jennifer Lopez and “unnecessarily rude” in general. After getting slammed for her opinion, Lovato briefly left Twitter.

Fast-forward to Monday when, for no apparent reason, Perez liked a tweet that linked Carey and Lovato together again. That’s when the singer, in a private DM, asked the bad blogger to “let it go already.” She added in a subsequent DM that it was “unnecessary and the type of s**t that made me unfollow you.”

But instead of apologizing for his mistake, Perez tweeted out to his followers that Lovato was “petty.” That, however, wasn’t all. In an act of ultimate pettiness, he then published her not-for-public DMs. Gossip Cop is amused that Perez is calling ANYONE “petty.” He blocked Gossip Cop from virtually the first day we launched nearly seven years ago because we pointed out how poor his “reporting” skills are.

And even though Perez is a “Cop Blocker,” we still were able to get tweets about Lovato (below). We won’t, however, re-print the DMs because we understand concepts like off-the-record-privacy and decency. Lovato is right. Perez needs to “let it go.”

This also isn’t the first time Lovato has called out the blogger for his poor behavior. But this time, she also tweeted, “@PerezHilton do something with your life.” While he obviously does do something with his life, it’s long past time he does something better.

Perez Hilton Demi Lovato Twitter Feud


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