Perez Hilton Compares Celebrity Big Brother Experience To AIDS (VIDEO)

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Perez Hilton AIDS

By Daniel Gates |

Perez Hilton AIDS

(Channel 5)

Perez Hilton has compared being ostracized on “Celebrity Big Brother” to having AIDS. In other words, he’s not just a dreadful blogger. He’s also a pretty miserable and insensitive human being. Watch the video below.

During his time in the “CBB” house, Hilton has been feuding with Katie Hopkins. On Monday’s episode, the blogger tried to explain that he was on the reality show to “show the world the real me,” rather than for a big payday. Hopkins shot back, “What happens if the ‘real you’ turns out to be a complete and utter turnip, like I think you are?… If it’s not about the money, why don’t you just go?”

Complaining about his treatment and his overall “CBB” stint, Hilton later remarked, “I have been traumatized… by the experience, by living in a house with so many people who feel extremely negative thoughts about me… by Katie Hopkins, who told [another contestant, Nadia Sawalha] in front of many other people, ‘We should isolate him.'”

“You know what that made me feel like?” asked Hilton. “Like I had just been diagnosed with AIDS in the early 80s, and she was trying to get everyone to be afraid of me and ostracize me.”

Michelle Visage replied, “I don’t appreciate that analogy… it’s a bit extreme for me, [having] lost 20-plus friends to AIDS, it’s a bit extreme.” Hilton kept screaming, not quite understanding how ridiculous his comparison sounded. As other housemates point out, Hilton’s own behavior has been at the root of everyone disliking him, which he doesn’t seem to understand. Watch the video below, beginning at the 7:00 mark, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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