Stars Remember Pearl Harbor On Anniversary – See Celebrity Tributes

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Pearl Harbor Anniversary Stars Remember

By Andrew Shuster |

Pearl Harbor Anniversary Stars Remember

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December 7, 2015, marks the 74th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks in which thousands of Americans were killed after Japan’s surprise strike on a U.S. naval base in Hawaii. Many stars are remembering the “day that will live in infamy” by paying tribute to the people who lost their lives. See celebrity tweets below.

A few presidential candidates are paying their respects. Donald Trump tweeted, “Today we honor the fallen at #PearlHarbor, 74 years ago today. If you see a vet today, thank them!” Hillary Clinton wrote, “On the date that will live forever in infamy, we honor the sacrifice and courage of all who bravely fought and died at #PearlHarbor.” Meanwhile, Jeb Bush noted, “Remembering the brave souls lost at Pearl Harbor and honoring all those who have served.”

Roseanne Barr took the opportunity to comment on President Obama’s Oval Office address from Sunday night, expressing, “I watched History Channel yesterday about FDR’s response 2 attack on #PearlHarbor-‘a day that will live in infamy’-very different from Obama!” Geraldo Rivera shared a similar sentiment, writing, “On day we commemorate #PearlHarbor it’s due time #POTUS & #Congress declared war on another national enemy #ISIS. We are at war regardless.”

Former Mets player Mike Piazza wrote, “Will never forget the sacrifices of our Men and Women in Uniform. God Bless you and your families.” Taking a lighter approach was comedian Patton Oswalt, who joked, “Really want to listen to The Vapors’ biggest hit song but it’s Pearl Harbor Day so oh well,” referring to the tune “Turning Japanese.” Melissa Gilbert said, “Remembering Pearl Harbor today, and how, in the midst of such tragedy, so many Americans – including my father – were inspired to serve.”

Gary Sinise tweeted, “God bless all who gave their lives that day.” And Meghan McCain posted a photo of her grandfather and great grandfather aboard a U.S. Navy ship during WWII, along with the caption, “Wanted to share this on this 74th anniversary of #PearlHarbor. Back when leaders were leaders.”

Gossip Cop will update as more stars commemorate the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks.


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