Paul Rudd Tells Jimmy Fallon About “Pleasuring” Himself In Front Of Michael Douglas + They Play “Drinko” (VIDEO)

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Paul Rudd Jimmy Fallon

By Andrew Shuster |

Paul Rudd Jimmy Fallon


Paul Rudd told Jimmy Fallon a hilarious story on Monday’s “Tonight Show” about how Ant-Man co-star Michael Douglas thought Rudd was “pleasuring” himself while the two were shooting a scene. Rudd explained that he was intimidated by Douglas the entire time they were making the movie, and so in an effort to become “buddy buddy” with the veteran actor on his last day of shooting, he thought it would be fun to “Basic Instinct him.” See the video below.

Rudd’s plan was to channel Sharon Stone from the 1992 thriller and uncross his legs and flash Douglas his penis during their last scene. The actor recalled how he unzipped his pants to prepare for the moment, getting his junk “over and out,” but a mishap occurred when he sat down and the waistband of his boxers “mushed everything up and back in.” Rudd told Fallon, “You couldn’t see anything, so I was pulling my shirt down trying to get ‘it’ out,” adding, “It looked like I was basically pleasuring myself to Michael Douglas giving a monologue.”

When Douglas finally noticed what Rudd was doing, he stopped mid-scene and asked, “What are you, a f*cking pervert?” Rudd related that he told Douglas, “I’m so sorry. I was trying to Basic Instinct you.”

Later in the show, Rudd and Fallon played a new drinking game called “Drinko,” a takeoff of “The Price Is Right” game “Plinko.” The game had the two men dropping discs from the top of a board made of pegs into random cups at the bottom containing various liquids, including gravy, tequila, and pickle juice. The opponent then had to drink its contents. Watch the videos below of Rudd telling Fallon about “pleasuring” himself in front of Michael Douglas and playing “Drinko.”



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