Paul McCartney Denied Entry Into Tyga’s Grammys Party — WATCH VIDEO

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Paul McCartney Denied Tyga Grammys Party

By Shari Weiss |

Paul McCartney Denied Tyga Grammys Party

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Paul McCartney, arguably the greatest musician alive, was stunningly denied entry into Tyga’s Grammys party on Monday. Check out the video below.

McCartney, joined by Beck and Taylor Hawkins, went to Argyle in Hollywood, where Tyga was hosting a bash after the Grammy Awards. But at the door, the music icon was apparently told he couldn’t come in. “How VIP do we gotta get?” he’s heard exclaiming in paparazzi footage of the incident.

McCartney then amusingly says to Beck, “We need another hit [song], guys! Work on that!” Indeed, all of the Beatles member’s groundbreaking success couldn’t get him into the venue. Despite security’s attempts to get them access, somebody inside made the final call that McCartney and his fellow performers couldn’t come in.

But was Tyga himself to blame? When the rapper eventually left the gig, he was asked how he felt about “rejecting” McCartney from the party. Tyga didn’t really give an answer, and seemed more confused than anything, mumbling about McCartney being a “legend” and walking away.

Neither star has mentioned the issue on social media. McCartney eventually made his way to the Republic Records party, where Taylor Swift and more stars were hanging out. Watch below.

UPDATE: Tyga tweeted Tuesday, “Why would I deny @PaulMcCartney stop it. He’s a legend. I don’t control the door. I had no knowledge SIR PAUL was there. I just performed and left.”


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