BOGUS CLAIM: Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Parents Threaten To Cancel His Trust Fund If He Doesn’t Dump Miley Cyrus

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Trust Fund

By Daniel Gates |

Patrick Schwarzenegger Trust Fund

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is NOT threatening to cancel his son Patrick’s trust fund if he doesn’t dump Miley Cyrus, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the rumor, which began in the Daily Star and claims the former Governor of California and Maria Shriver are warning Patrick that they’ll “withhold the cash” he’s due on his 25th birthday “unless he stops dating Miley.”

“They are both convinced she is a negative influence on their son and are determined to end the relationship,” a so-called “family friend” tells the Daily Star. According to the outlet, Schwarzenegger’s parents have been “exasperated” by his relationship with Cyrus. The newspaper’s source explains. “Maria especially is hoping the shock tactic of threatening to cut him off financially will scare him into giving Miley the elbow.”

Here’s another “quote” from the “family friend” talking about Schwarzenegger to the Daily Star: “He and his mom had a huge argument during which he told her she and Arnie could stick their cash ‘where the sun don’t shine.’ He said he’d rather be with Miley than have the money.”

None of this happened. There have been dozens of variations on this bogus story about Cyrus supposedly causing a crisis for the Schwarzenegger-Shriver clan, and they’ve all been sensationalized nonsense. Patrick’s parents never gave him a trust fund ultimatum, and he never fought with them over Cyrus. A rep for Schwarzenegger tells Gossip Cop it’s “totally false.”


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