Patrick Schwarzenegger “Done” With Miley Cyrus After Alleged Rita Ora Flirtation?

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Miley Cyrus Patrick Schwarzenegger Rita Ora

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus Patrick Schwarzenegger Rita Ora

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Patrick Schwarzenegger supposedly told Miley Cyrus he was “done” with her after the pop star was “flirting, cuddling and smooching” with Rita Ora at a pre-Grammys party. The allegation, however, is both ridiculous and false, and Gossip Cop can exclusively bust it.

Here’s what happened: Life & Style saw pictures of Cyrus and Ora partying together at Clive Davis’ Grammys gala, and decided to turn them into a salacious story about Cyrus allegedly turning off Schwarzenegger with her “over-the-top antics,” even though there’s also dozens of pictures showing him laughing and smiling as he parties with the two singers. (See photo right.)

Nevertheless, Life & Style claims Schwarzengger was “furious,” and cites an “insider” as claiming, “Patrick was livid… He stormed off, yelling at Miley, ‘I’m done! You’ve humiliated me for the last time!’ He’s had it with her behavior and is sick of looking like the dumb boyfriend.” Conveniently, the magazine says the pair made up a short time later, but further alleges that Cyrus’ “hypersexualized shtick has made Patrick seriously question their relationship.”

“Patrick says he really can’t take much more,” adds the tabloid. Of course, Life & Style is the same outlet that wrongly claimed last week, after the Grammys party, that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger were expecting a baby. It was a 100 percent false allegation that, surprise, surprise, isn’t mentioned in this latest story.

Also not mentioned: Schwarzenegger calling himself the “luckiest guy in the world” on Valentine’s Day, and he and Cyrus partying together at the “SNL 40” celebration the next day. In other words, Life & Style continues to have no idea what’s going on with the couple. An actual source in the know tells Gossip Cop exclusively that there was NO fight over Ora, and Schwarzenegger NEVER threatened to end his relationship with Cyrus.


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