Paris Jackson, Trevor Donovan Dating Claim NOT True

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Paris Jackson Trevor Donovan Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

Paris Jackson Trevor Donovan Dating

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Paris Jackson is not dating Trevor Donovan, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim about them being a new couple, which was picked up by a number of outlets that didn’t fact-check it. We’re told they’re “just friends.”

According to the Daily Mail, Jackson appears to be in a “new summer romance with former “90201” star Trevor Donovan. The paper even shows a photo of Jackson and Donovan holding hands while in Los Angeles. And the British tabloid makes note that at 38, Donovan is “twice her age.”

Tellingly, the newspaper writes, “It is not known how long they have been dating.” It also mentions how it’s the “first time” they’ve been spotted together. Other than that, the tabloid fills its space with a list of people both he and she have been linked to, and the gratuitous detail of how Jackson went “bra-free” on Sunday when she was photographed with Donovan.

The reason the outlet has no information about how long Jackson and Donovan have been dating is that it was too lazy to fact-check its story. The reality, however, is that Michael Jackson’s daughter is not in a relationship with Donovan. A source close to her assures Gossip Cop that they’re not a couple and are simply “just friends.”

With this fail, the Daily Mail now puts itself in a league with MediaTakeOut, which wrongly linked Jackson romantically to another celebrity. As you may recall, a year ago Gossip Cop busted that website when its falsely claimed Jackson was dating Chris Brown. There was no truth to that article, and there’s no truth to the latest one.

Meanwhile, just a few months ago, Gossip Cop corrected the National Enquirer when it went in a different direction and inaccurately alleged that Jackson was using the dating app Raya for lesbian one-night stands. Maybe media outlets should stop speculating on Jackson’s love life. But if they feel compelled to report on it, at the very least they should check their facts before publishing untrue stories.

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