Paris Jackson Secretly Married?

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Paris Jackson Secretly Married

By Hugh Scott |

Paris Jackson Secretly Married

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Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn did not secretly get married, despite a false tabloid report claiming they’ve tied the knot. The report stems from the couple both wearing gold rings recently. Gossip Cop investigated the story and we’ve learned it’s untrue.

This week, the National Enquirer ran a story saying Jackson secretly married her boyfriend sometime “in the past few weeks.” The claim comes from an anonymous “insider,” whose only proof seems to be photos of the couple wearing rings on their fingers at the premiere of The Peanut Butter Falcon earlier this month.

Those pictures, however, show no less than four rings on Jackson’s ring finger alone, so how the magazine can claim she has a “new addition to her wedding finger” as they do is baffling unless someone is counting rings every time Jackson is in public, which seems unlikely. Additionally, in an early morning tweet the day this article was published, Jackson referred to Glenn as “her boyfriend,” not her husband or fiancée. The article even refers to the rings as “’I do’ jewelry,” but they’re just regular old jewelry.

Still, the magazine quotes its “source” as saying, “Insiders worried that Paris was headed for an overdose, a meltdown or some other personal tragedy,” but goes on to say that Glenn “seemed to have a stabilizing influence on her.” This is a complete reversal of a claim made by the Enquirer’s sister publication, RadarOnline, which said in March that people close to Jackson wanted to her to “cut out” her so-called “bad news boyfriend.” That story completely contradicts this latest one calling him a “stabilizing influence.”

When Gossip Cop ran the story by Jackson’s rep, we were flatly told, “This is indeed false. Paris is not married, nor engaged.” Unfortunately, the tabloids have published a lot of false rumors about the model and her boyfriend since they began dating in early 2018. Earlier this year, another one of the Enquirer’s sister outlets, Star, wrongly reported that Jackson was rushing to marry Glenn without a prenup.

That article, again quoting an unidentified insider, said “Everyone is nervous they’ll elope,” and that her family and friends were “frantically trying to talk sense into her.” Shortly after Gossip Cop debunked the article, Jackson herself responded in a tweet that read, “For the zillionth time i’m NOT GETTING MARRIED.” That remains the case. Jackson isn’t secretly married and has no plans to get engaged anytime soon.


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