Paris Jackson NOT Playing Madonna In Singer’s Biopic, Despite Fake News Stories

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Paris Jackson Madonna Movie

By Michael Lewittes |

Paris Jackson Madonna Movie

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Paris Jackson is not playing Madonna in a proposed movie about the singer’s life, despite a slew of fake news stories. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the record. We’re told all talk about Michael Jackson’s daughter portraying the Material Girl is all “speculative” and wrong.

According to the Mirror, which was among the first to falsely tie Jackson to the project, “producers” of the tentatively titled film Blonde Ambition want the young actress and model “to take the ­starring role.” The British tabloid then notes that Jackson received “glowing reviews” for appearing on the FOX show “Star.” From there, the outlet segues into how Madonna is “not supporting the film,” and quotes an unnamed “source” as saying, “The makers are hoping to cast someone who she will love… At the moment they are in talks with Paris.” The same seemingly made-up “source” adds, “If [Jackson] agrees it will be a massive coup for ­producers as Madonna is a big fan of Paris.”

First off, let’s see if this movie ever even materializes. When news of the project was first reported, Madonna sniped on Instagram, “Why would Universal Studios want to make a movie about me based on a script that is all lies?” You know what else are lies? All the reports linking Jackson to the film.

As opposed to all the other outlets that simply regurgitated this fabricated story, Gossip Cop actually fact-checked the claim. A rep for Jackson exclusively tells us that, contrary to stories about how the filmmakers are “in talks” with the blonde actress, “Paris has not been contacted about a role in this project.” Her spokesman further stressed, “Any reports of her casting are just speculative.”

Allow Gossip Cop to dissect this untrue rumor. In January, Jackson modeled for Chanel in Paris, and many commented on how she bore a resemblance to Madonna with the way in which her hair, makeup and clothes were styled. Fast-forward to late April when the trades announced Universal Pictures had picked up the script to the biopic titled Blonde Ambition. The next step was a creative tabloid writer took the Jackson comparison to Madonna and combined it with the news of the proposed movie to manufacture this fake news story that was widely picked up. Unlike a Madonna performance, however, the claim tying Jackson to the Material Girl movie is entirely off-key.

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