Paris Jackson is not "acting nuts," nor are there "fears" that she's having a "breakdown." This is a highly sensationalized story that is attempting to turn rather innocuous events into signs of a "meltdown." Gossip Cop debunk the report.

"Paris Jackson Acting Nuts — Again," announces a headline in the National Enquirer, which contends, "Loony tweets and antics spur new breakdown fears." Deeming the 19-year-old a "wild child," the supermarket tabloid alleges she's exhibiting "bizarre behavior." As evidence, it points to a tweet Jackson wrote about death earlier this month. She was writing about the loss of a friend, but sent the message unaware that the Texas church shooting had just occurred. The gossip magazine is finding fault with her for that, and maintains she "kicked up another ruckus" by calling out Wendy Williams for bad-mouthing the Jackson family on her talk show. Apparently the teen taking issue with her family repeatedly being used as gossip fodder is also cause for alarm.

In addition, the outlet points to Jackson "making kooky faces" at a horse race in Australia, suggesting that her light-hearted behavior was not a sign she was having fun and hamming it up in front of intrusive cameras but an indication of mental problems. A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "She's in a weird emotional state." And after noting that Jackson has confessed to suicide attempts in the past, the tabloid insists "insiders are worried Paris' weird antics are a sign she's on the brink of a similar breakdown." A purported "source" supposedly adds, "It's like another cry for help."

But if anyone close to Jackson was truly concerned for her well-being, they would not be discussing the subject with this magazine. Furthermore, the outlet's only proof that a "meltdown" is allegedly near are tweets and photos that were seen across the world. Yet no reputable publication has looked at those same things and speculated the model is on the verge of a "breakdown." That's because there's nothing really "nuts" about any of it. Jackson even addressed on Twitter the photos of herself at the sporting event after a local paper Down Under cruelly deemed her "Wacko Jacko 2.0."

"My behaviors? making a face and being playful shouldn't be an excuse to rip me apart. i've done nothing to hurt or offend anyone," she tweeted. Yet here is the National Enquirer doing exactly that, almost three months after falsely accusing Jackson of "doing drugs" amid a family "crisis." It's rather reprehensible. And, for the record, Jackson's rep tells Gossip Cop there's no real "breakdown fears," on top of another close contact also sharing with us, "I don't believe this to be true nor have I heard that expressed from anyone else close to her." End of story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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