Paris Jackson is not hoping to move in with Janet Jackson and help raise her aunt's child, contrary to a seemingly made-up report. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue claim.

In a characteristically dramatic headline, RadarOnline is announcing, "Paris Desperate To Save Her 'Total Recluse' Aunt Janet Amid Divorce Drama." The accompanying story alleges Janet has "pushed away" her famous family. A so-called "insider" even claims to the site that she "won't pick up her phone and lives life virtually in solitary confinement."

But according to the webloid, "the loved ones refuse to sit back and let Jackson, 50, lock herself away, whether she likes it or not." And that's where Paris supposedly comes in, with the outlet asserting she's "leading the charge" to aid the newly-single mom. The online publication's purported source contends, "Paris even offered to move in and help with the baby."

Curiously, RadarOnline doesn't say whether Paris would relocate to London, given that's where Janet is currently living, or if the singer plans make the U.S. her home base again. Also not mentioned is Janet's reaction to her niece's alleged offer. It's also suspicious that this story is coming from this particular webloid, which now says Paris has a "new healthy and positive outlook on life."

But earlier this year, this same site (wrongly) claimed Paris' family was "desperate" to send her to rehab. Now the outlet has flip-flopped, alleging that Paris is doing well and is "desperate to save" her aunt. And there's even more proof this latest article is a sham. Although the outlet insists Janet has become a "recluse" and isolated herself from her family, she actually went to a Bruno Mars concert in the U.K. this week with her brother Randy.

All of these factors suggested to Gossip Cop that this tale was more than just a little bit fishy. Our suspicions were confirmed when we spoke with Paris' rep, who told us the notion she may move in with Janet and help raise her baby is simply "rubbish." Gossip Cop is further assured by a contact close to Janet that the new mom is doing better than people seem to think, despite her recent split.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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