Paris Jackson NOT Buying Modeling Career, Despite Fake News Story

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Paris Jackson Buying Model Career

By Andrew Shuster |

Paris Jackson Buying Model Career

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Paris Jackson isn’t attempting to buy her way into a modeling career, despite an inaccurate new tabloid report that Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk. We’re told it’s simply not true.

The 19-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson signed a contract with IMG Models last month, but an article in the latest issue of Star claims she’s spending an inordinate amount of cash to advance her career. An alleged “pal” of Jackson tells the magazine she “spends $12,000 a month on a team of nutritionists, stylists and trainers,” and even has “a life coach and hypnotist on call 24/7 to help her with self-affirmations.”

But Gossip Cop looked into the tabloid’s story, and a trustworthy source close to Jackson exclusively assures us it’s entirely accurate. “Paris doesn’t work with a nutritionist/trainer, and only works with a stylist on press events,” says our reliable insider. “As she’s noted in interviews in the past, much of her day-to-day wardrobe comes from thrift/vintage stores like Goodwill. Vanity is not a motivating factor for Paris.”

Naturally, the model is putting work into her career and cares about her physical appearance, but the magazine’s assertion that she’s spending money to score gigs is completely wrong. Similarly false was a story published by Star’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, which alleged Jackson was using a dating app to find lesbian one-night-stands. We also busted that tabloid for its bogus report about Jackson writing a tell-all book about her family. This latest article about the young model is equally phony.

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