Paris Jackson “Planning Big Career Like Dad Michael” Is Made-Up Story

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Paris Jackson Career Acting

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Paris Jackson Career Acting

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A story about Paris Jackson planning a “big career for herself” like her dad Michael was made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this phony report. While the model is ambitious, a rep for Paris tells us the specific claims in this report are “fiction.”

The fabricated tale comes from HollywoodLife, which is claiming to have “exclusive details” on how Paris “hopes she can develop a huge career with massive success just like her father.” A so-called “source close to Paris” is quoted as saying, “She wants to star in her own show. She would like it to be more on the serious side and involve some sort of magic and mystery.”

And in addition to her iconic late dad, the site goes on to contend Paris also “admires the work” of one “superstar actor” in particular. The supposed snitch claims to the blog that the 20-year-old wants to “have a career that would be considered the female version of Johnny Depp.” Alleges the seemingly invented insider, “He has done so many unique things and that is the type of career she like to pursue [sic].”

The online publication concludes its piece by asserting the rising star has “a ton of support to back her up,” namely Chris Brown and Paris Hilton, with whom Paris celebrated her birthday a few days ago. In fact, it seems possible this tale was only manufactured because Paris has been in the news this week due to her star-studded birthday party. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly demonstrated, the site known as HollywoodLies often makes-up bogus “exclusives” about celebrities who are in the news to capitalize on interest in them. That appears to be the case here.

There is no disputing Paris has career goals and has been inspired by her legendary father. In a Rolling Stone cover story published last year, she recalled how her dad would tell her, “If you wanna be bigger than me, you can.” And just last month, Paris made her film debut in the movie Gringo, which oddly isn’t even mentioned in this “exclusive,” which is supposed to be all about her acting interests.

All that said, the specifics in this HollywoodLies story about Paris’ purported plans for her career, including her own TV show and following in Depp’s footsteps, aren’t true. While the outlet is hiding behind an unidentified and untraceable “source,” Paris’ spokesperson tells Gossip Cop on the record that the report is “complete fiction.” Having already guest-starred on “Star” and appeared on the big screen, too, it is likely she’ll continue working on television and in films to some extent. But the alleged details here simply aren’t real.


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