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Paris Jackson, second child and only daughter of the legendary "Prince of Pop" Michael Jackson, has long been a tantalizing subject for tabloids. Since she's reached adulthood, tales of her romantic pursuits have begun springing up like daisies in the springtime. Gossip Cop has seen, and busted, numerous false reports about the model, and we've compiled them together.

In 2018, several outlets, including Daily Mail, The Sun, and the Mirror, all speculated that Paris Jackson was developing a romance with fellow model Cara Delevingne. The rumors started after the two were seen enjoying "a slew of night time outings in London over the past week." Photos of the two "holding hands" also sparked speculation that Delevingne and Jackson were "potential lovebirds."

Gossip Cop had no difficulty debunking that particular rumor, as the only evidence the outlets put forth was that the two spent time together and held hands a few times. People in platonic relationships can hold hands and hang out without there being any special subtext to it. We also reached out to our insider in Jackson's camp who literally laughed off the rumors and told us exclusively, "They're just friends. Not dating." Shocking that two young women working in the same industry would get along well without romance being involved.

That's not the last time Delevingne was purported to be in a relationship with Jackson. The National Enquirer reported several months later that Paris Jackson was juggling relationships with Delevingne, Ashley Benson, and DJ Caroline D'Amore. A suspicious source spoke with the outlet, telling them, "Paris is playing the field and doesn't seem to care about the consequences," adding, "As far as she's concerned there's nothing wrong with having fun, but to essentially have three partners at the same time seems pretty reckless."

The love-rectangle, as it were, would only lead to someone getting hurt, the loose-lipped "insider" squealed. "Things could get quite nasty if Paris doesn't choose one of these girls to date exclusively." Cara Delevingne apparently didn't mind the casual nature of the relationship, but Benson and D'Amore "are very smitten with Paris" and "could wind up heartbroken." A spicy situation indeed, but, alas, none of it is true.

Gossip Cop turned to a more reputable source, People, to learn that while Delevingne and Jackson had a "flirty friendship," the girls weren't dating. And Pretty Little Liars star Benson was also not dating Paris Jackson. In fact, the rumor at the time was that she was involved with Delevingne, though neither had confessed to the relationship at the time. They've since gone official with their relationship, which has led to a slew of...interesting stories about the pair, including a rumor that pop star Rihanna was hosting their wedding at her home.

Finally, D'Amore was happily married at the time to her husband, Bobby Alt, with whom she shares a child. The two have been married since 2012, though of course the disreputable paper makes no mention of the DJ's husband. Not content with just that evidence to disprove this story, Gossip Cop also reached out to Jackson's spokesperson, who told us, "No idea how or why they come up with this stuff. Definitely not true."

Paris Jackson even retweeted our story herself, adding, "i've never met miss benzo. caroline is one of my bestest friends who is **straight** and **married**, and also the mother of my godchild. cara and i were never officially exclusive, you guys made that up." That's all the confirmation we needed to know we made the right judgement.

Last year, Jackson's relationship with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn became a subject of heavy speculation, with Star reporting that Jackson was rushing to marry him without a prenup. "Paris thinks a prenup isn't necessary because she and Gabriel are in love, and it would be disrespectful and rude to ask him to sign one," a supposed source tells the outlet. "She's convinced Gabriel would never use her for fame or her money."

The outlet claimed many in Paris Jackson's inner circle were concerned by her lack of concern. "Everyone is nervous they'll elope," snitched the alleged insider, adding that Jackson's team is "frantically trying to talk sense into her." Gossip Cop checked in with our Jackson source who told us Star is "just trying to sell magazines," adding, "It's sad." There was absolutely zero truth to this report.

Just two months later, the National Enquirer upped the ante and reported that Jackson had secretly married Glenn some time "in the past few weeks." As evidence, they used a photo of the two wearing rings at the premier of The Peanut Butter Falcon. It should be noted that Jackson was wearing no less than four rings in the picture in question.

The often discredited paper quoted a source who said, "Insiders worried that Paris was headed for an overdose, a meltdown or some other personal tragedy," but then claimed Glenn "seemed to have a stabilizing influence on her." Like other stories about Jackson's love life, this story didn't sound right to Gossip Cop.

We reached out to Paris Jackson's rep, who simply said in response, "This is indeed false. Paris is not married, nor engaged." Jackson's famous father and her own career make her excellent fodder for tabloid gossip, but not everything they print about her is the truth. In honor of her birthday today, we're happy to shed light on the facts and highlight the ways tabloids harass the 22-year-old model with their false stories and made up narratives.


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: September 18, 2020