Paris Jackson, Cara Delevingne Dating, “Romance Rumors” Are NOT True

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Paris Jackson Cara Delevingne Dating

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Paris Jackson Cara Delevingne Dating

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“Romance rumors” involving Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne are not true, Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm. Though a number of outlets are alleging the stars in a relationship, we’re told they’re not dating.

According to the Daily Mail, Jackson and Delevingne have “done little to quash rumors” of a romance because they’ve “enjoyed a slew of night time outings in London over the past week.” The tabloid notes the “potential lovebirds” were “seen holding hands,” as apparent in photos captured by paparazzi. The paper also regurgitates an old quote from The Sun, in which it was asserted they “hit it off” at last year’s MTV Movie Awards and have been “hanging out since.”

Naturally, The Sun is also making a big to-do over the new photos of the models out and about in London, asking in a headline, “Are Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson dating?” To fill out its article, the outlet copies from its prior stories, in which it was said, “Cara doesn’t really have time for a proper relationship.” Still, the newspaper nonetheless speculates that she and Jackson are now a couple.

Similarly, the Mirror wonders whether Jackson and Delevingne were having a “date night.” The publication contends, “They’ve been getting very close in recent months. So it makes perfect sense that rumors continue to persist about the nature of [their] relationship.” It’s further alleged that their friendship has begun to “resemble romance,” even though there’s nothing to substantiate that claim aside from the hand-holding.

Gossip Cop isn’t sure when that became a strictly romantic gesture, or when grabbing someone’s hand in a throng of paparazzi became evidence of a relationship. There was a similar stir last year when Jackson was seen holding hands with Trevor Donovan. “Hand holding is a very common thing,” she explained at the time.

It does not mean the two people are a couple. And we’re told Jackson and Delevingne are not. A Jackson insider tells Gossip Cop exclusively on background, “They’re just friends. Not dating.” Our impeccable insider even laughed at the suggestion that the stars are romantically involved.

It’s worth noting that just a few days ago, Jackson posted an Instagram photo of herself cuddled up with a male friend. By these outlets’ logic, she must be dating him, too, right? Apparently the concept of platonic hangouts is too hard for some publications to grasp.

That seemed to be the case with the National Enquirer two months ago, when it falsely alleged Jackson had a “crush” on Delevingne and wrongly implied they were more than friends. Just like now, the basis for that report was the pair simply being seen in public together, as pals often do, especially those who work in the same industry. Should their connection progress, Gossip Cop will update. But currently, the “romance rumors” and dating claims remain untrue. UPDATE: The rumor remerged when the two hung out in March and People confirmed our reporting that Jackson and Delevingne have a flirty friendship, but are not dating.