Paris Hilton Debuts Sexy “High Off My Love” Music Video Featuring Birdman

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paris hilton high off my love music video

By Michael Lewittes |

paris hilton high off my love music video

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Paris Hilton debuted a music video on Friday for her new single, “High Off My Love,” featuring rapper Birdman. The sexy clip features masked, shirtless men and Hilton look-a-likes in matching platinum blonde wigs and black lingerie. Watch below!

Hilton is nearly naked throughout the video in a number of skin-baring outfits. As she sings the dance track, Hilton gets hot and heavy on a motorcycle with a mystery man. Interspersed are flashes of the star sprawled out on a zebra-printed rug in rear-baring lingerie, while other scenes show the socialite-turned-singer in a tough leather jacket and edgy Elvis-style hairdo as she eyes her shirtless male captives. Birdman is barely visible during his rap cameo, hiding behind sunglasses and a red hood, while blowing smoke out of his mouth as lingerie-clad women make out with hot guys.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Hilton signed with Cash Money Records, which was co-founded by Birdman and is known for producing rap artists such as Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, in 2013. Last year, Hilton’s music, particularly her rising career as a deejay, was slammed on Twitter by Deadmau5, who tweeted that it is “insulting as f*ck” that Hilton considers herself worthy of performing professionally without the proper background. Clearly, Hilton wasn’t deterred by the comments.

Hilton will have a single release party for “High Off My Love” in Cannes on Friday night. Check out the music video below, and tell us what you think!


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