Paris Attacks: Stars Pray For France Following Shootings And Explosions – See Celebrity Tweets

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Stars React Paris Shooting Attack

By Andrew Shuster |

Stars React Paris Shooting Attack

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Paris was attacked on Friday when a series of shootings and explosions went off around the city. The death toll is still unknown, however there are reports indicating that more than 100 people have been killed. Stars are now praying for France on Twitter. See celebrity reactions to the tragic events below.

Hillary Clinton tweeted, “The reports from Paris are harrowing. Praying for the city and families of the victims.” Katie Couric expressed, “So terrible. Keeping everyone in Paris in my thoughts.” Lance Armstrong wrote, “Absolutely terrible news coming out of France this evening. Thinking off all those affected in Paris.”

Harry Styles said, “Thinking of everyone in Paris.” Nick Jonas assured his “thoughts and prayers are with you Paris,” while Joe Jonas tweeted, “Praying for Paris.” Sophia Bush wrote, “Thinking of everyone in Paris … Police in Paris are urging people to remain indoors right now. If you are safe, stay where you are.”

Referencing reports that hostages were being held at The Bataclan arts center, where the American band Eagles of Death Metal had been performing, Juliette Lewis wrote, “Heart is heavy- praying for Paris concert goers and hostages from EODM concert. Can only pray.” Suki Waterhouse said, “Such horrific things happening in the world. My heart is with everyone in Paris.”

Rob Lowe tweeted support with “Vive La France!,” while Andy Cohen asserted, “PRAY FOR PARIS!” Maria Menounos wrote, “Something bad is happening in Paris..multiple incidents popping up-saying prayers..scary.” And Mia Farrow noted, “Thoughts and prayers with Paris now.”

After the hostage situation ended, a stunned Jared Leto shared, “Just heard there’s a possibility former @30SECONDSTOMARS crew may be among the hostages / victims. Unbelievable tragic and horrific.” Nikki Reed questioned, “What is happening to our world? What are we doing? Why???? I can’t believe what I’m seeing…” Chloe Grace Moretz was worried about continued danger, and wrote, “My thoughts and prayers go to all in paris and especially those directly affected, stay safe get inside #Paris.”

Elijah Wood wrote on Twitter, “My heart is with the people of Paris. Truly awful.” Gabrielle Union noted, “Whats happening in France has us all in tears. I cannot imagine.. my thoughts and prayers to every soul affected. #Prayers4Paris.” And Kris Jenner posted, “My heart breaks. Please pray for Paris tonight.”

“Sending thoughts and prayers to those in Paris,” tweeted Ben Stiller. Giuliana Rancic said, “Praying for those in Paris. Please know you are in our hearts and prayers.” Mark Ruffalo similarly wrote on his page, “Devastating to see the loss of life in Paris. Love and hope to all, family and friends there. In solidarity with the good kind people there.”

Bette Midler commented, “The poor people of Paris. The poor people of this world. Once again, my deepest sympathies to all of humanity as we all live thru this.” Chris Pratt offered, “I join the world in praying for Paris. May these acts of terror unite the free world.” And Seth Rogen simply tweeted, “#PeaceForParis”

A number of stars, including Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst, shared the phone numbers for the various embassies in the city. Others, like Kyle Richards, Ken Jeong, and Vanessa Hudgens, also expressed for Japan after the country was hit by a massive earthquake, sparking a tsunami warning. Gossip Cop’s thoughts with all affected by these terrible events.


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