Is Pamela Anderson pregnant at 51 with soccer star Adil Rami or Julian Assange's baby? One of this week's celebrity magazines maintains Anderson has a "budding baby bump." But, asks the outlet, "Who's the daddy?" The answer, as Gossip Cop has learned, is that she's not pregnant at all.

According to the National Enquirer, the former "Baywatch" star is expecting again. The tabloid then trots out a supposed "source close" to Anderson who says, "Pam has bounced back and forth between her French soccer stud, Adil Rami, and Julian Assange for months, so nobody's sure which is the father of the child." And to make its wholly fictitious tale even more sordid, the alleged insider asserts Anderson has had "plenty of opportunities with other men along the way," so Assange and Rami "may not be the only suspects."

To lend credence to its made-up premise, the publication writes that Anderson is still very much with Rami. However, it's so-called "source" also contends "things got steamy behind closed doors" between her and Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London before his asylum was revoked, and the WikiLeaks founder was arrested following the Justice Department charging him with posting classified government documents. "The baby daddy bet is a toss-up at this point," concludes the magazine's clueless tipster.

There are so many factual errors in the Enquirer's article that it's difficult to decide where to begin. Most significantly, Anderson is absolutely not pregnant, and therefore there's no question as to "who's the daddy." The tabloid accompanied its bogus story with an unflattering photo of the actress that gives the impression of a "baby bump," which is probably why this phony report was concocted.

The fact that the publication purports its information comes from a "source close" to Anderson is highly suspect. If that's the case, the tabloid, which routinely pays for stories, should ask for its money back. Anderson is no longer with Rami, and it should have known that before printing its article. Actually, it was widely reported the two split up, and just a few days ago, Anderson posted on her foundation's website exchanges that she had with Rami's ex, Sidonie Biemont, in which the actress called him a "monster" who repeatedly "lies."

As for Assange, while Anderson and he are close, they have never been intimate. That would make her getting pregnant by him a bit difficult. Also, it bears mentioning how the line about her having "plenty of opportunities with other men along the way" is just downright insulting.

Gossip Cop, which doesn't come up with stories based on photos, has several mutual friends with Anderson, and so we checked in with them. One source close to the situation called the magazine's unsubstantiated article "pure fiction." Another pal in common said the speculative piece was "absolute nonsense." Even though a "baby bump" would mean she's already several months along, Gossip Cop would like its readers to mark their calendars for a full nine months from now so that they can see for themselves the outlet's piece is a complete fabrication.

Of course, the magazine has a poor record when it comes to articles about the mother of two. A couple of years ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted the same publication when it falsely reported Anderson was moving to London for Assange. At the time, her rep told us the story was "false" and stressed the two are platonic pals.

And it's hard to forget how the tabloid insanely insisted Anderson was dating Vladimir Putin a few years ago. That was a total lie. Much like those manufactured reports, the latest claim about Anderson being pregnant and not knowing if Assange or Rami is the father is similarly 100 percent untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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