Pamela Anderson Asks Kim Kardashian To Stop Wearing Fur In Open Letter

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Pamela Anderson Kim Kardashian Fur

By Shari Weiss |

Pamela Anderson Kim Kardashian Fur

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Pamela Anderson has written a letter to Kim Kardashian, urging her to stop wearing fur. The model posted the full letter on her website on Saturday. See screengrab below.

The type-written note, which was printed on letterhead for The Pamela Anderson Foundation, is dated September 14, Thursday. Anderson begins by saying, “It was lovely seeing you at New York Fashion Week. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you over the years, and I can tell you’re a good person with a big, beautiful heart. I’m writing to ask you to extend your compassion to real fashion victims — the animals who are violently killed in the fur trade — by swearing off fur this winter.”

“I think you’d be horrified to learn that every single fur farm that PETA has exposed has been beyond cruel,” the “Baywatch” star continues, going on to detail some examples. “Times are changing, though,” Anderson notes. She points out, “Gisele Bundchen made a bold statement against fur on the cover Vogue Paris earlier this summer… First lady and former fur-wearer Melania Trump recently swore off fur, following in the footsteps of so many fashion icons and first ladies.”

The actress goes on, “You know I love you, and you can be a hero for animals as well as a great example to all your beautiful followers by swearing off fur. Please do the right thing. You’d be praised all over the world, including by my close friends at PETA.” Anderson concludes her letter with a “kind regards.” Gossip Cop reached out to Kardashian’s rep to see if she will be issuing a response.

Far from being praised by PETA, Kardashian and her sisters have been roundly criticized by the organization, as well as fans, over the years for wearing fur. Most infamously, Kardashian was flour-bombed on a red carpet by a PETA activist in 2012. The latest controversy just took place earlier this year, when the Kardashians were slammed for wearing fur coats in April. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian posted pictures on Instagram, leading to a deluge of critical comments. In contrast, Anderson routinely posts on social media about animal-related causes. Read her full letter to Kardashian below.

Kim Kardashian Pamela Anderson Letter

(Pamela Anderson/Pamela Anderson Foundation)

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