Pamela Anderson Drunk Dialing Julian Assange?

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Two photos, Pamela Anderson in black dress on the left and Julian Assange in a leather jacket on the right

By Hugh Scott |

Two photos, Pamela Anderson in black dress on the left and Julian Assange in a leather jacket on the right

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Is Pamela Anderson drunk texting and dialing Julian Assange in the wake of her recent marriage falling apart? That’s the claim one tabloid is making this week. Gossip Cop looked into the matter.

The former Baywatch star and the international fugitive have a bit of history. Anderson has been a champion of Assange’s and has even visited the WikiLeaks founder in his British prison, where he is currently serving a 50-week sentence for bail-jumping. Assange was found guilty shortly after he was kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he had been holed for up for years avoiding prosecution in multiple countries, including the United States.

According to a new article in NW, Pamela Anderson, who just ended a brief but tumultuous 12-week marriage to Jon Peters, is in “bad shape,” according to someone the outlet describes as “a pal.” This dubious source goes on to say, “She’s so humiliated to have a fifth broken marriage and doesn’t know what to do.” This tipster explains it’s Assange she’s connecting with. “Turning to Julian hasn’t surprised anyone at all,” this so-called “friend,” says, “but it’s always been an extremely unhealthy relationship.”

All of this has led to Anderson “bombarding the controversial Aussie, 48, with a string of late-night drunken texts, calls and emails.” And here is the problem: The “controversial Aussie” is in prison. Julian Assange is serving his time at HMS Prison Belmarsh in London. HMS Belmarsh is a Category A prison, meaning it’s high security and some of his fellow prison mates include murders and terrorists. If Anderson is sending late-night drunk texts, as the story purports, one has to wonder where those texts are going. Assange certainly doesn’t have a cell phone to receive them on.

Is it possible that Anderson and Assange speak on the phone or have some sort of written correspondence? Sure. In November, the former Playboy Playmate wrote an open letter to Donald Trump pleading for the president to pardon the outlaw, and as mentioned, she has visited him in prison before. The idea that she is sending him late-night texts is downright absurd, however.

The tabloids have tried to invent stories about Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange before. Last June, shortly after her visit to see him in prison, the National Enquirer falsely reported Anderson could be pregnant with Assange’s baby. The story hedges its claim by saying it only “could” be Assange’s, though it also could’ve been soccer star Adil Rami’s. Rami and Anderson were dating around that time. Anderson, 52, was not pregnant, making the rest of the story dubious at best.


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