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Kate Middleton Girl Palace Confirms


Kensington Palace did not "confirm" Kate Middleton is "having a girl," contrary to a new tabloid cover. In addition, the accompanying story about the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge is fabricated. Gossip Cop can expose the lies.

The new cover of OK!, which blares "Palace Confirms," exclaims, "Princess Kate: I'm Having A Girl!" The front of the issue also features another supposed quote from Middleton: "We're Naming Her Alice." But the palace did not confirm anything to the tabloid, nor did Middleton give these statements. The deceptive cover was purposefully designed to capitalize on the recent news that Middleton is pregnant with her third child, but this edition exploits her and misleads readers.

And right at the start of the article, the gossip magazine actually admits that Kensington Palace didn't "confirm" anything, instead writing, "Sources say Duchess Kate and Prince William are giving George and Charlotte a little sister." The outlet goes on to claim that, according to a so-called "palace insider," the couple learned on the very same day Prince George started school that Middleton is "expecting another baby girl." The publication acknowledges there's "no official due date," yet if it really had such an "insider," wouldn't OK! know exactly when Middleton is due, instead of simply speculating that the baby "should arrive in March"?

Further proving its cover claims are fraudulent, the tabloid writes, "And while the royals are remaining equally mum about the baby's gender, the insider says Kensington Palace is abuzz with word of a future princess." But if the royals are "mum," then why the heck is the magazine touting "Palace Confirms" on the front of its issue? Simply because its publisher wants to attract consumers' attention and sell copies. But what readers are actually being sold is made-up information. For instance, the "insider" goes on to claim how Middleton told her children about their "baby sister" and how she informed Prince William. But these alleged details, such as the Duchess writing her husband a letter on behalf of their unborn baby, are entirely manufactured.

As for the purported Middleton quote, "We're Naming Her Alice," that actually isn't featured anywhere in the article. That, too, was fudged, and is not a real statement from the Duchess. And while it's true OK! could end up correctly guessing that Middleton has a girl (it's a 50-50 shot, after all), the problem is that the palace certainly did not confirm any of these contentions, nor did Middleton say the remarks attributed to her. The outlet is trying to pull a fast one, just like it tried to do nearly a year ago when it claimed last December that the palace "confirmed" Middleton was pregnant with a boy. Of course, as Gossip Cop pointed out then, the palace did not confirm anything, nor was she was pregnant at the time.

And a publication that also falsely claimed Middleton was pregnant with twin girls in February 2016 (also with a "palace confirms" label; see below) is not going to get the confirmation now that she's having a girl. Its "insiders" are simply fake. Gossip Cop is once again told neither the palace nor real royal sources spoke with this tabloid, and this latest cover story is just another shameful fabrication.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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