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Earlier this year, Sharon Osbourne revealed that she'd given up on her trademark red hair dye and gone for her natural grey. While the change drew a ton of compliments from most folks, one rumor has it that her metalhead husband of several decades, Ozzy Osbourne, took issue with the color change. Here's the story.

Sharon Osbourne Goes From Good To Grey-t

In March, the National Enquirer's infamous "Straight Shuter" column made the rude accusation that "Ozzy Hates Silver Sharon!" With a variety of obnoxious puns about how Ozzy is "seeing red" over the dye decision, the column argued that the Black Sabbath singer couldn’t restrain his distaste for the new look.

"Ozzy doesn't like change and loved the way Sharon has looked for years," an unidentified source claimed. "He didn't marry a silver fox! In fact, he thinks she looks like the old lady from 'The Devil Wears Prada!'" The column closed with additional insider insight about Sharon simply being tired of having to constantly re-dye her hair, adding, "She was inspired by Jane Fonda's new silver do!"

The Inside Source Was Obvious

Here’s the thing: We can unmask the anonymous tipster that apparently revealed all of this information to Straight Shuter. Everything except for the “Ozzy doesn’t like change” is directly from Sharon Osbourne herself. When she first revealed her new hair on The Talk, she dropped the exact same info, nearly word for word.

After she walked out, co-host Sheryl Underwood called her a “silver fox.” When Marie Osmond asked about her husband’s reaction to her stunning new look, Sharon responded, “He said, The Devil Wears Prada!”

She also explained her reasoning for the change, saying, “I was just so fed up of going, having it dyed and having it dyed, and I just was like, 'I can’t do this anymore.’” She then pointed to Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren as examples of the great women who went grey and inspired her. So the only thing the source has to offer is that Ozzy, unsurprisingly, has loved the way his wife looks. If he was actually a grump about it, Sharon probably would have made a few jokes about the Prince of Darkness preferring bright colors.

All that aside, we take great issue with the fact that this column straight-up insults Meryl Streep. We can’t sit idly by as someone disparages one of the greatest women in Hollywood as “the old lady” from a movie where she’s basically overflowing with charisma, power, and grace. To be compared to Streep is nothing short of a massive compliment, one that we’d personally treasure for life. For that alone, we can dismiss this silly piece of gossip.

It's Easy To Misjudge The Osbournes Apparently

This isn't even the first time the Enquirer has disparaged Sharon by twisting her own words against her. In 2017, she made a few comments about her back giving her trouble and having to give up high heels to help recover — in a very normal expression, she said her back was "killing" her. The tabloid boldy decided to take that literally, saying that she had only months to live. Three years later, she's looking and feeling better than ever.

Similarly, the outlet reported that Ozzy was on his deathbed last October, claiming that his hard-rocking history was finally catching up to him. Lo and behold, Ozzy is still holding on to his metal throne and doing just fine. If the magazine and its columnists can't get stories about life and death right, why even trust them with something as minor as a hair color? Stick to The Talk if you're looking for information about Sharon's life — after all, that's where the supposed professionals find their insight.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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