Oscars Edition “Lie Witness News”: Jimmy Kimmel Asks About Fake Movies (VIDEO)

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By Michael Lewittes |


Jimmy Kimmel tricked people on Hollywood Boulevard into talking about fake movies in an Oscars edition of “Lie Witness News” on Thursday. Naturally, a slew of people were willing to offer their thoughts about Kimmel’s fabricated films with absurd plotlines. See Kimmel’s Oscars edition of “Lie Witness News” below.

Kimmel introduced the taped segment by noting that he sent a crew out to “ask people about movies that do not exist.” It kicked off with a question to a guy about whether he thought “Citizen Kane 2” didn’t get nominated for an Oscar “because of Kevin James’ performance.” Even though the man expressed that not every movie can get nominated, he noted that he “liked” the film “Citizen Kane 2,” adding, “It was a good one.”

Another man was asked his opinion of the (fictitious) film “Little Man, Big Motorcycle,” starring Tom Cruise. He called the nonexistent movie “very fierce.” That same guy was then questioned about the big, new (and totally made up) film “Vampire God,” supposedly starring Sir Ian McKellen. He felt McKellen did a good job in the picture, and even offered, “I had a friend who saw the movie and loved it.”

A woman was then questioned about Jennifer Lawrence’s work in “19-Year-Old Mother Of Four.” After being asked what part the woman liked more, “When [Lawrence] sent her first child off to high school or when she held her grandchild for the first time,” the pedestrian responded that the sending of her child to high school was “moving,” but the holding of the grandchild was “more moving.”And while there’s no such movie as “Kaola Cop” with Channing Tatum, one woman willingly discussed how cute he was as a kaola, and that she didn’t find it creepy at all to have cuddly bear with a six-pack.

Then a couple of people on the street were asked their thoughts about the actual movies The Reverant and Carol, but were questioned about plotlines that did not take place in those films. For instance, one woman talked about enjoying a dance scene in The Reverant. She thought it was good to add that “light moment.” And another person seemingly had no problem that during one moment in Carol, about a 1950s married woman who secretly has a lesbian affair, a “cartoon cat came up and [was] like, “Uh oh, your husband’s not gonna like this.”

Watch the hilarious Oscars edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” below.


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