Oscar Pistorius Guilty Of Murder On Appeal: See Twitter Reaction Tweets

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Oscar Pistorious Murder Twitter Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Oscar Pistorious Murder Twitter Reaction

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A South African appeals court found Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder on Thursday, less than two months after he was released from prison to serve home detention.

As Gossip Cop reported, in September 2014, Pistorius was found not guilty of premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, but then found guilty of culpable homicide, which is similar to manslaughter. The Paralympic athlete had maintained that he shot Steenkamp believing she was an intruder. He was sentenced to five years in prison the following month, but after serving less than a year of his sentence, he was granted an early release this past October to complete his term under home detention.

But with the Supreme Court of Appeal now convicting Pistorius of murder, he faces up to 15 years behind bars. The turn of events has become the topic of conversation on social media on Thursday, as people weigh in on the decision. For the most part, Twitter users seemed to support the murder conviction.

“#OscarPistorius will now go to jail for MURDER. A small but important step in the fight to end violence against [women],” tweeted one person. Another similarly said, “I’m glad that Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of murder. South Africa has a serious problem with gender violence.” And a different individual posted, “Thank god there’s some good news today… hope he serves the full 15.”

Yet another Twitter user simply stated, “Of course it was murder. The other verdict was ridiculous.” Someone else observed, “Oscar Pistorius being charged with murder on National Disability Day is as ironic as being shot by your partner on Valentine’s Day.” One person, however, seemed annoyed that Pistorius’ was being debated again, sarcastically tweeting, “Yay a new flood of Oscar Pistorius opinions! Oh, you wouldn’t blindly shoot through a toilet door? Me neither! We covered this 2 years back.”

Pistorius can appeal the new verdict to South Africa’s Constitutional Court. His new sentence is unlikely to be handed down until next year, and he will remain on home attention for now. The gold medalist is pictured above at his original sentencing last year. Tell us what you think of the new developments in the comments below.


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