Truth About Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry Being At “War” Over Prenup

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom

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Katy Perry Orlando Bloom

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not at “war” over the details of their prenuptial agreement before they get married, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told there’s no truth to the claim.

According to Star, there’s only “one thing standing in the way” of Bloom and Perry becoming husband and wife and that’s “money.” To back up its narrative, the tabloid quotes what it calls a “tattletale” as saying, “Katy and Orlando are on different financial levels, so their teams are battling over their fortunes.” The unnamed source notes that’s making their prenup “complicated.”

The anonymous tipster goes on to contended the fighting is not personal nor over “who makes more.” Simply, asserts the publication, Perry is “richer by a significant amount” than her movie star fiance because of her music and work on “American Idol” and other projects. The supposed source says, “Katy doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it,” but she’s being advised by her team to “play it safe.”

The outlet further maintains that while Bloom is “acting cool,” inside he’s “growing agitated with the entire ordeal.” “Orlando doesn’t blame Katy, but he’s starting to feel their marriage is more like a business arrangement,” alleges the magazine’s “snitch.” “It’s putting a damper on everything,” concludes the source.

Although the singer’s bank account does exceed the Lord Of The Rings star’s net worth by hundreds of millions of dollars, and both have been married and divorced before, talk of a prenup putting them at “war” is completely false. The tabloid actually furnishes no proof whatsoever for it claim, and it’s whole tale is based on the remarks of an unidentifiable and unaccountable “source.” Conversely, a rep for Perry specifically went on the record with Gossip Cop to call the outlet’s story “rubbish.”

It seems Star needs to find better sources when it comes to the celebrity couple. Weeks after they got engaged, the outlet tried a similar narrative, alleging Perry and Bloom were going to split because she’s richer and more famous. Of course that article didn’t even make sense because if those were real issues, Bloom wouldn’t have proposed and Perry wouldn’t have said “yes.”

And just days before that phony report, the same tabloid published another absurd story about how Perry’s friends feared her engagement to Bloom would end over his partying. And while the magazine couldn’t name one pal who expressed concern, a slew of their real friends, including Kate Hudson, Gywneth Paltrow, and Gwen Stefani, publicly congratulated them on social media after they got engaged.

Not only is the outlet’s premise wrong, but it’s also not very original. Eight months ago, and well before he even popped the question, Gossip Cop busted the magazine’s sister publication, Life & Style, when it ran a story that also inaccurately insisted Perry and Bloom were battling over a prenup. It was untrue then, and it’s still false.


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