Miranda Kerr Getting ‘Revenge’ On Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry By Having Baby?

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Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom Katy Perry Baby

By Andrew Shuster |

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom Katy Perry Baby

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Miranda Kerr is expecting a second child with husband Evan Spiegel, but according to a tabloid, the model only became pregnant to get “revenge” on ex-husband Orlando Bloom for proposing to Katy Perry. The story is both false and completely nonsensical. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Around six weeks after the news broke that Bloom and Perry had gotten engaged, the actor’s ex-wife announced she’s expecting another baby. This prompted the National Enquirer to come up with the headline, “Orlando’s Ex Having Revenge Baby!” An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Miranda wanted to send Orlando the clearest sign possible she has moved on. What better way to do what with a baby!”

This story is flawed from the very start. This will be Kerr’s second baby with Spiegel, who she married in May 2017. The model’s marriage to Bloom ended in 2013. She “moved on” quite a long time ago, as did the actor. How exactly is Kerr sending a “sign” to her ex by having a second child with her husband of nearly two years?

In addition to the magazine’s premise not making any sense, it’s also predicated on the false idea that Kerr is somehow angry with Bloom, which isn’t the case at all. Both the model and the actor, who share an eight-year-old son, have made it clear over the years that they’re on great terms. In fact, Elle magazine dedicated an entire article featuring a rundown of the many times Bloom and Kerry have proved they’re “friendly exes,” including “gushing about each other’s parenting skills” in interviews.

Additionally, Kerr opened up about her divorce from Bloom in a 2017 interview with Porter magazine, saying, “There’s no hostility there, we’ll always be friends.” And back when Kerr first started dating Spiegel, the model noted that Bloom gave his blessing to introduce their son to the Snapchat co-founder. “Orlando thinks he’s great,” Kerr added. “We’re just a modern family now!”

Just a few months ago, paparazzi caught video of Kerr giving Perry gifts on her birthday. The model showered the singer with presents while waiting in a car for her and Bloom’s son, who she picked up after he celebrated the singer’s birthday with his dad. Not only is Kerr on good terms with her ex-husband, but she clearly has affection for his new fiancée as well. The ex-spouses are about as amicable as it gets, so the idea the model is having a “revenge baby” is ludicrous on every level.

The Enquirer is the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted last month for wrongly reporting that Perry was pregnant with Bloom’s baby. The newly-engaged couple isn’t expecting a child at this time. The outlet either has very unreliable sources or flat-out fabricates stories.


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