Orlando Bloom Blond Hair NOT Because Of Justin Bieber, Despite Report

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Orlando Bloom Blonde Hair Justin Bieber

By Shari Weiss |

Orlando Bloom Blonde Hair Justin Bieber

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Orlando Bloom is NOT “transforming” into Justin Bieber, despite a ridiculous report falsely claiming the actor dyed his hair blond because of the singer. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Celeb Dirty Laundry announces in a headline, “Orlando Bloom’s Justin Bieber Blond Hair Transformation: Debuts Eerily Similar Look to Pop Star.” It says in the absurd story, “Orlando Bloom debuted a new look that has critics wondering if he’s going through a Justin Bieber transformation. In fact, the Hollywood actor looked eerily similar to the chart topper, who has long been his love rival in the tabloid media.”

After again asserting that Bloom “looked eerily similar to Justin Bieber and the similar blonde locks he sported earlier this year, too,” CDL acknowledges it doesn’t know if the actor’s “new look is part of a future role he is playing on the big screen or if he is indeed trying to brighten things up in his personal life.” Still, the site goes on to allege Bloom is “obsessed with the ‘Love Yourself’ hit maker.”

“He’s been trying to prove to the world that whatever Justin can do, he can surely do better,” claims the webloid, which further speculates Bloom is going through a “mid-life crisis of sorts.” That leads CDL to wonder, “But is transforming into someone who looks like Justin Bieber is going to help save Orlando Bloom’s career?” And readers are even asked, “Do you think Orlando Bloom is trying to transform into the next Justin Bieber?”

Of course, if Celeb Dirty Laundry bothered to do any research and fact-checking, it would know Bloom’s dyed hair is for his role in the thriller S.M.A.R.T. Chase: Fire & Earth. It has nothing to do with Bieber. But this isn’t the first time the site has spread wildly wrong information about Bloom.

This past August, the webloid published another outrageous story, that one alleging Bloom had his nude photos leaked as a response to Miranda Kerr’s engagement. That piece was inane (and false), and so is this new one. CDL should just say off the Bloom beat. And most others, if we’re being honest.

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Celeb Dirty Laundry

Orlando Bloom dyed his hair blond because of Justin Bieber.

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