Oprah did not say she'll be the "future president" of the United States, nor did she assert Donald Trump "can't win reelection in 2020" because the "majority of Americans are my supporters." It's fake news at its worst. Still, Gossip Cop investigates every claim we're assured it's "untrue."

The bogus report appears on a site named Daily News For Americans. And get this, the entirety of the story is posted as a headline and then repeated below verbatim. The full "article" reads, "Oprah Winfrey Says: Trump Can't Win Reelection in 2020, Because Of Majority Of Americans Are My Supporters And I Am A Future President Of America. Do You Support Her?"

Among the things missing, besides an actual story, is where and what context the former talk show host supposedly made these remarks. And the reason is because it was 100 percent fabricated. There's nothing legitimate about the report, which appears to be nothing more than clickbait.

In the real-world, there was talk about Oprah running for president, and while appearing on "CBS This Morning" in October, the TV personality was asked about the speculation that she might make a bid for the White House. The morning show's co-host Gayle King asked Oprah whether she's narrowed down a list of possible vice presidential running mates, to which the legendary TV personality responded, "She's lost her mind." After King noted how she's asked "all the time" if her best friend will run for president, and mentioned how the "rules have changed" for who's now a viable candidate, Oprah put to rest the rumors by saying, "There will be no running for office of any kind for me."

While Oprah has often shared her political views and helped a relatively little known Barack Obama gain wider exposure when he ran against Hillary Clinton to become the Democrats' nominee in the 2008 election, she has no desire to be the "future president of America." Additionally, she has never publicly expressed that the "majority Of Americans are my supporters" or that Trump "can't win reelection in 2020." It's simply made-up and a classic example of fake news.

Incredibly, this is actually the second story in the past 24 hours that has been about the talk show host and had a political angle. On Monday, Gossip Cop exposed another fake news site for its fabricated article that claimed Oprah had "harsh words" for the Obamas supposedly "out-of-control" daughter Malia. The TV personality never said anything alleged by the website about Obama's oldest daughter. It was all fabricated, much like this new report that falsely maintains Oprah is running for president in 2020. A spokesperson for Oprah assures Gossip Cop these reports are 100 percent "untrue."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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