Oprah Had “Harsh Words” For “Out-Of-Control” Obama Daughter Malia?

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Oprah Malia Obama

By Michael Lewittes |

Oprah Malia Obama

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Oprah did not have “harsh words” for Michelle and Barack Obama’s supposedly “out-of-control” daughter Malia, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can correct this fake news story. We’re told Oprah, who vacations with the Obamas, didn’t say any of the alleged remarks.

A new article from the website Conservative Stamp states, “It’s a sad day for the Obamas when they have lost Oprah.” The outlet claims the TV personality, who was “a huge supporter of the Obama family,” has now begun to “rethink her association” with them following Malia’s recent “actions.” The site then falsely asserts that Oprah told People, “I love her father but what Malia has been doing lately is just sad.”

The website then supposedly quotes “Oprah” offering, “I saw that video of [Malia] blowing marijuana smoke rings in her dorm’s bathroom… You know she is getting kicked out of her dorm?… I wonder what her parents did wrong.” “Malia is becoming a woman I can’t be around,” the outlet falsely claims Oprah added.

Gossip Cop looked into these quotes and not surprisingly Oprah said none of this to People or to anyone else. The statements attributed to her are seemingly fake. A quick search online of these quotations actually only yields Conservative Stamp, meaning it’s probably the only source of these comments because they were fabricated.

Additionally, even the information beyond the alleged quotes is untrue. While Malia was caught on video blowing smoke rings, it has not been verified that it was pot and not just cigarettes. Also, there has been no indication from Harvard that she’s being booted from her dorm. So basically, the only thing that’s accurate is the spelling of the talk show host and Obamas’ names.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every story, no matter how outrageous and seemingly untrue its claims may be. We reached out to Oprah’s rep, who assures us the talk show host never slammed the Obamas in public or in private for their alleged “out-of-control” daughter Malia. We also spoke to a People editor, who confirms the reason those quotations can’t be found in searches on the magazine’s website or in search engines is simply because Oprah “never said anything like that” to the publication.